• Dec 3, 2019

If you decided to choose by
a puppy of the American bulldog, be not too lazy to get acquainted with parents of puppies. Whenever possible future parents it is better to look after in advance – for example, at exhibitions.

 the Puppy of the American bulldog On a photo: Puppy of the American bulldog

Be defined by
what you want from a dog. It will be the partner and the family member or the champion of all imaginable exhibitions? Tasks and the purposes define characteristics of future pet and his cost. But anyway it is worth addressing the good manufacturer or in nursery.

Unfortunately, sometimes, that under the guise of ambuly the boxer's hybrids with a staffordshrsky terrier or a pit bull terrier with a bulldog are on sale. They can remind the American bulldog only a color. Good manufacturers will not be ashamed to document origin of parents.

Estimate purity of the room, appearance of all dogs.

Take an interest in
when there was the previous dung. Knitting each half a year cannot well affect quality of posterity.

is better not to take a puppy of the American bulldog until to it it is executed at least 1.5 (and it is better – 2) month. At this age it has to weigh 5 – 6 kg. The thoroughbred kid will be bony, with the large head and a wide muzzle. Ears are clean, eyes clear, and wool shines.

the Puppy can seem inactive and not active. But it is feature of breed, defect is not and passes in process of growing. From "the sad melancholiac" the excellent partner can turn out. Curious puppies are easier trained. Squabblers turn into dogs "with character". But the kid anyway has to move easily, without constraint.

Club posterity most often has a brand which coincides with a mark in documents. Have to give you the pet passport (inoculations are noted there) and a puppyish card.

it is important to
to know that the last half a century exist two types ambuly .

  • the First type: large, powerful dogs with a short muzzle. They more developed security qualities. It is Johnson's type (Classical).
  • the Second: the smaller sizes, more athletic addition and with more extended muzzle. They are distinguished by a prosecution instinct. It is Scott's type (Standard).

Both types – the real American bulldogs. However they were used differently. Classical dogs "worked" as security guards of a home and partners. Standard ambul held an animal on hunting and "worked" on farms.

However, began to cross the last decade of representatives of both types. It does not harm breed, on the contrary – standard dogs of more powerful addition appear. It is the hybrid, or mixed type. It combines the best qualities of two previous.

What to choose – to solve to you, depending on tasks which you will set for the pet.

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