• Dec 19, 2019

Before going to choose a puppy of a dalmatian, once again estimate the opportunities. Whether there will be enough at you patience, time and forces for daily occupations with a dog, walk (in any weather!) and care of it? Whether other members of household divide your enthusiasm? With whom do the dog when you go to a holiday or to a business trip will remain?

Who will look after a dalmatian if you get sick? Whether there will be enough at you money to provide to a dalmatian high-quality care?

If answers to all these questions satisfy you, it is possible to start the choice of a puppy of a dalmatian.

 a dalmatian on a white background of a photo

On a photo: puppies of a dalmatian. Photo: google.by

Whom to choose, a dog or to a bough? Here everything depends on your preferences. As a rule, dogs of a dalmatian are larger a bough. Boughs of a dalmatian more affectionate, study easier, are allocated with more appeasable character. Dogs are more pugnacious and inclined to escapes if scent a smell techny boughs, but they have no period of a techka and there is no risk to get undesirable posterity.

Decide on the acquisition purpose by a puppy. Who is necessary to you: star of exhibitions or partner? If you plan exhibition career, address manufacturers whose dogs constantly win on a ring. And it is better to take in this case the grown-up puppy – at two-month age even the manufacturer can only assume with some share of probability whether the puppy will shine on a ring. Consider that puppies with the prospect of participation in exhibitions are more expensive.

If you need the loyal friend and the partner, it is better to take a puppy of a dalmatian at the age of 8 weeks (but not earlier).

Choosing a puppy of a dalmatian, surely get acquainted with his parents. And it is remarkable if there is an opportunity to see the grown-up puppies from the previous dung.

Do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer any questions interesting you even if they seem silly. The responsible manufacturer with pleasure will answer everything and in turn will ask a set of questions to you to help to pick up a puppy of a dalmatian who will suit your family. If your questions are raised at the manufacturer irritation or are left without answer, it is worth looking for other nursery.

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