• Dec 18, 2019
If you want to buy a thoroughbred puppy of a Japanese chin, you should not be guided by announcements or to go to the market. Attend exhibitions, communicate to manufacturers and owners of Japanese chins. Choose the checked nursery with good reputation. The responsible manufacturer will ask you a set of questions and will not refuse to advise further as the fate of the kid is not indifferent for him.
Get acquainted with parents of future pet, study their family trees.
Be defined by
why to you a Japanese chin. It will be a star of exhibitions, a breeding dog or the cheerful partner? The answer to this question will define a class of a dog.
the Show class is dogs for exhibitions, such puppies are born at elite producers. At the time of purchase the potential star has to be at least 4 — 5 months old — earlier difficult to define what dog will grow from the kid.
of Brid-klass are the dogs who are completely conforming to the standard, but, perhaps not such bright on an exterior as their show relatives. Though can quite receive good marks at exhibitions. These dogs participate in cultivation.

Pat class
is pets with some eksteryerny shortcomings. Nevertheless, it is not less joy of communication with them at all. They can also participate in exhibitions.

Is puppies of a Japanese chin non-standard, or плембрак. They have any defects of an exterior barring the way on exhibitions and in cultivation. Such kid will be the most inexpensive. However it does not mean at all that he will not be able to become the healthy, cheerful devoted friend. If you are not interested in exhibitions and cultivation — can stop the choice on such pet.

the Choice of a dog or boughs of a Japanese chin — business of personal preferences. And those, both others equally tender and devoted. But at dogs more plentiful and elegant wool.
If you have a large number of time, it is possible to take a puppy of a Japanese chin at the age of one and a half months. However if free time is not enough, it is better to choose a three-months puppy.

the Good manufacturer will help you to pick up that puppy who suits you, will tell not only about parents of the kid, but also about farther ancestors. Have to give you a puppyish card and the pet passport. Ask about vaccination and other veterinary manipulations which were carried out and which still are coming. Specify than and how often fed kids. The more questions you will ask, the it will be simpler to you further.
 a Japanese chin of a photo puppies On a photo: puppy of a Japanese chin

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