• Dec 10, 2019

Before starting the choice of a puppy of an affenpinscher, once again think whether the dog in general and an affenpinscher in particular is necessary to you. Learn as much as possible about breed, attend exhibitions, communicate to other owners.

 Puppies of an affenpinscher of a photo

On a photo: puppies of an affenpinscher. Photo source: http://www.dogbreedslist.info

To choose really thoroughbred puppy of an affenpinscher, address to good nursery with the checked reputation. Study family trees of parents. Specify whether tests for genetic diseases are made (a dysplasia, гипотериоз, etc.)

The healthy puppy of an affenpinscher curious, mobile and playful, willingly makes contact. Eyes and a nose clean, without allocations. Take a puppy on hands and sniff – there should not be a smell of urine and excrements. Choose a puppy of an affenpinscher whose hair shines and looks good in general.

Look with
at all puppies in a dung – they have to be approximately identical, without lags in development and growth.

In advance write down questions which you will ask the manufacturer. Be not afraid to seem "boring" — in a question of the choice of a puppy meticulousness will do you only good. The good manufacturer himself also will ask you the mass of questions of the purposes of acquisition of a puppy of an affenpinscher, conditions in which that will live your experience. Answer honestly – so the manufacturer will be able to recommend you the most suitable puppy of an affenpinscher.

If answer your questions evasively or they cause irritation, it is better to look for other nursery.

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