• Dec 4, 2019
Planning to get a dog, in particular, of a puppy of an American cocker spaniel, try to estimate the opportunities soberly.
 an American cocker spaniel of a photo On a photo: puppy of an American cocker spaniel
you have to have enough time for occupations and communication with a dog. The spaniel hard transfers loneliness, and the feeling of uselessness can negatively affect mentality of the pet.

Cockers are active and temperamental dogs. Gaps in education can make the pet uncontrollable, and he will bring you more disappointment, than pleasures.

Allow conditions of your apartment (house) to support an American cocker spaniel without any problem? Appearance of an animal can demand also certain changes in an interior, and purity and an order in the house, most likely, will be reduced. The dog will fade, and cleaning should be made more often and more carefully.

What you will do if it is necessary to leave for a long time?

has someone from members of household an allergy to dogs?

Contents in the house of a puppy of an American cocker spaniel (and an adult dog) demands cash expenditures, and considerable. The cost of food and special stock, fee of the veterinarian can pour out in very solid sum.

Before making the final decision, discuss on family council all pros and cons.

is better to take a puppy of an American cocker spaniel not earlier, than to it 6 — 8 weeks will be executed. If you are not sure that you will be able to make a right choice, ask for the help the expert.

Study a family tree of the attracted kid, get acquainted with his parents. Specify what vaccination is done and what else are coming whether glistogonny medicines were given.

the manufacturer, than he fed a puppy to what time feeding, etc. was carried out
the puppy has to have a strong, symmetrically developed body, well developed, strong paws, brilliant, free wool, a clean tummy, a cold, moist nose, clean eyes and ears, white teeth, pink gums.

If you cannot devote
much time to education of a puppy, take 6 — a 10-month-old dog.

If you take
a dog from other family, try to find out why it was decided to be given whether there are no problems with health, how well it is trained, than eats whether vaccination is done, whether the dog is accustomed to other animals to what schedule she got used.

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