• Jan 8, 2020
it is worth approaching the choice of a puppy of the Chinese crested responsibly. Attend exhibitions, study information, communicate to owners of the Chinese crested dogs. It is worth choosing the pet in good nursery with the checked reputation.
 Chinese crested and puppies of a photo of the Photo: Chinese crested with puppies
Get acquainted with parents of the potential member of household, study their family trees.

the Healthy puppy of the Chinese crested has to be curious and mobile, move proudly, to eat well.

of the Pad have to be straight lines.

Ears at a two-month puppy of the Chinese crested can hang, it should not frighten you.

Eyes have to be cheerful, live, clear, without allocations.

that the skin color and wool of the Chinese crested can exchange with age.
If is necessary to you a dog "as a hobby" — can choose a puppy as Chinese crested which was most fallen in love. Ideal age for acquisition of such kid – 2 – 3 months.
If you dream to win champion titles on a ring, approach has to be more pragmatic. In this case it is worth waiting until to a puppy of the Chinese crested 4 months are executed (and it is better – half a year).
But even an adult dog can become the loyal and devoted friend who will please you for many years. The main thing – your pedagogical talents and time spent in communication with the pet.

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