• Dec 10, 2019
Before choosing a puppy of the English cocker spaniel, once again consider a question. Whether it is enough at you forces, time and resources on the pet? Communicate to manufacturers and other owners, attend exhibitions to understand — whether really English cocker spaniel — your breed.
 the Puppy of the English cocker spaniel of a photo
On a photo: puppy of the English cocker spaniel
the Good manufacturer responsibly belongs to the choice of future owners for puppies therefore be not frightened if begin to ask you questions of conditions in which there will live a dog, about the purposes of acquisition of a puppy. Answer sincerely — in this case the manufacturer will help you to choose the most suitable kid. In turn, do not hesitate to ask questions, including "immodest" or "strange". Your corrosiveness will only please the responsible manufacturer as says that you are ready seriously. If questions cause irritation or you receive evasive, vague answers, it is better to look for other nursery.
Pay attention to the size of puppies of the English cocker spaniel. Excessively large kids often turn into friable dogs. It is important that body length approximately equaled to height in withers.

Look narrowly at how puppies behave, play among themselves and communicate with people. The cocky kid can become aggressive, and silent and shy, perhaps, not too well feels.

If is necessary to you a dog for hunting, choose a puppy from the working parents having the corresponding diplomas.

Hunters often prefer to
a bough: they begin to hunt quicker, it is easier to train them and they are more obedient. However during a techka, pregnancy and bringing up of puppies the dog cannot hunt. Dogs more active also hunt better, but it is more difficult to bring them, they distract more often and are inclined to escapes for "great ladies".

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