• Dec 17, 2019

Before choosing a puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla, once again weigh pros and cons. Whether other members of household support you? Do you have time and resources to give to the Hungarian vyzhla all necessary? Whether it is enough at you motivation every day in any weather to go to long active walks? These dogs during of history of breed were brought as tireless hunters, it needs to be considered. Where will you put a dog, going to a business trip or to a holiday? Whether any change in your life which can affect a dog is planned in the next years?

 the Puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla lies a photo On a photo: a puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla

If you decided that you need a puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla , attend exhibitions, study information and the standard of breed , communicate to manufacturers and owners.

Solve who is necessary to you: hunter, star of exhibitions or partner? The class of a puppy and the choice of nursery depends on it. The puppy for hunting should be taken from those parents who well proved as hunters. The same concerns dogs for exhibitions.

It is good if you have a possibility of the choice from several dung. But anyway, to you it is not necessary to buy a puppy "privately" according to the announcement or in Poultry market.

Pay attention to mother of puppies. She has to be balanced, healthy, not exhausted, to play with puppies and not to show aggression in relation to you.

It is better to take a puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla at the age of 2 months or is more senior.

the Healthy puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla active, cheerful, mobile, does not show cowardice and willingly makes contact. Eyes, ears, a nose without allocations. The puppy should not be thin, but the inflated stomach – bad sign. On a hair of a puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla there should not be high temples, and on skin – ulcers.

The room where there live puppies, has to be clean, without unpleasant smell, a floor should not be slippery.

Do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer questions. Whether there were in a sort genetic diseases? What is eaten by puppies and how often? Whether veterinary processings were carried out? If yes – what? What else it is necessary? What specifics of care of a puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla? How to bring up and train a puppy? The responsible manufacturer will only be glad to your interest and with pleasure everything will tell. If you receive evasive answers or do not receive answers at all, it is better to look for other nursery.

It is the best of all if you have an opportunity to see the grown puppies of the Hungarian vyzhla from the same nursery. So you gain an impression about what will grow from your puppy.

Together with a puppy you will be given a puppyish card which you will exchange for a family tree later, and the pet passport where all carried-out veterinary procedures are specified.

 the Puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla of a photo On a photo: puppy of the Hungarian vyzhla "

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