• Feb 11, 2020

Before choosing a puppy of the Irish wolfhound, weigh all pros and cons. Whether such big dog is necessary to you? Whether there will be enough at you forces, time and finance correctly to grow up and support the pet? Who will remain with a dog if you need to be away on vacation or a business trip?

 Irish wolfhound of a photo Photo: kotsobaka.com

You do not hurry with the choice of a puppy of the Irish wolfhound. Attend exhibitions, communicate to manufacturers and owners of the Irish wolfhounds.

Surely get acquainted with both parents of the pleasant puppy. Remarkably, if there is an opportunity to see the grown-up puppies from the previous dung – so you gain an impression who will grow up from your pet.

It is better to take a puppy of the Irish wolfhound at the age of 60 days. Puppies of the Irish wolfhound at this age are active, friendly and do not show aggression.

In the place where there live puppies, it has to be clean. The unpleasant smell has to guard.

At a healthy puppy of the Irish wolfhound clean eyes, a nose and ears, skin without sores and crusts. The kid has to be well-fed, but without the inflated stomach.

Ask what vaccination is already done and that else needs to be made and also what feed puppies with. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer in questions of feeding.

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