• Aug 27, 2019

the Riding sport gains the increasing popularity in Belarus. Natalya Sablina tells why these should be engaged what dogs suit riding sport and also how to prepare a dog for competitions.

 Riding sport a photo kani-cross-country On a photo: kani-cross-country, kind of riding sport

As you came to riding sport?

Ya never thought of the fact that such sport exists. But when I was about 16 years old, absolutely accidentally came across on the Internet club of northern draft dogs.
was published the announcement In the same place that riding sport competitions will be held. Demands were made minimum: a breast-band for a dog, a belt for the person and потяг between a dog and the runner. It became interesting, and I got into the Internet to look for information.
my dog can call Elza hyperactive. Before we successfully were engaged in frisbee. She obeys, but likes to drag too. And I thought: and why is not present? However, on those competitions we were not in time any more, decided to wait for the following.
Ya entered community, began to communicate, prompted to me where to buy ammunition as it is correct to run how to train a dog. I found a part of information independently. And in May, 2014 we participated in competitions in a kanikross. 10 men and one I participated. We with Elza then took the 8th place.
all also began Since then.
next year we participated in the Belarusian competitions again, and, since the spring, began to prepare for Baltic Cup'U. Baltic Cup was carried out in several steps (Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). We with Elza went to Lithuania on competitions on the bike-dzhoringu. It were unforgettable feelings! One business – to look such competitions at video, and absolutely another – to participate alive. When teams from 6 – 8 dogs were started, the countdown was heard, bark … goosebumps sounded!
In 2016 competitions on a cup of Belarus were held. In a kanikrossa we with Elza took the 1st place, and in the bike-dzhoringe we about huskies Cupid passed all stages, but, unfortunately, on the final stage there did not arrive our competitor from Ukraine, and the class did not open.
Unfortunately, this year Elza owing to age does not run any more.
 Riding sport a kani-cross-country On a photo: Каникросс — a type of riding sport when the dog tows the runner.

What types of riding sport exist?

Riding sport is divided into several types.
  • Kanikross – when the dog tows the runner.
  • Bayk-dzhoring – the dog tows the cyclist.
  • the Dog tows the scooter driver.
  • the Skijoring – the dog tows the skier.
  • the Team of dogs tow the musher on sledge.
 Riding sport photo bike-dzhoring
On a photo: Bayk-dzhoring — a type of riding sport when the dog tows the cyclist.

Who can play riding sports?

there is no
Concerning dogs, any restrictions for occupations with riding sport at all. Any dog who according to the physical data can run is capable to be engaged in it.

Ya saw how Jack Rassell participated in a kanikrossa. Yes, he does not pull, but runs ahead of the runner, and the girl was very strong and as team they acted remarkably.

both sheep-dogs, and malamutes, and Dobermann terriers, and royal poodles, and other dogs – everything absolutely different participate In competitions. But most often it is, of course, huskies or riding metises.
Since the earliest childhood a dog can prepare to riding sport – to learn to run ahead.

But the puppy cannot drag at all! To begin to drag it is possible approximately from 18 months. On competitions on the bike-dzhoringu, for example, dogs from this age when they are already created are allowed and you do not risk to injure to the pet a backbone.

there is no
of Age limit for career ending. My dog is 8 years old, and at her, unfortunately, interest was already gone. But if the dog in 12 years is still full of enthusiasm, you can quite be engaged with her.

there is no
On people any restrictions too. Any person can come to club and if you have a desire and interest, you will always be helped and will prompt.
 Riding sport of a competition can Play riding sports for pleasure practically with any dog.

How to prepare a dog for trainings and riding sport competitions?

  • In 6 – 7 hours prior to a training or a competition the dog cannot be fed.
  • the Dog needs to be walked qualitatively that she made all the affairs.
  • as encouragement all athletes take "motivators" on the taste. For example, one of our athletes does balls of forcemeat, freezes them and takes with himself on a training. I take dogs chicken necks. Anyway, it has to be what the dog does not receive every day but only for a certain work. That is she knows that she will run now, will arrive to the finish – and will be abruptly. Then she has an incentive.
  • With itself it is necessary to take water.
 Riding sport of a photo

How often it is necessary to train for preparation for competitions in riding sport?

When we prepared for races, I trained every day, and dogs – 2 – 3 times a week. I alternate the bicycle and run, I make for myself the schedule.

If competitions are planned for Saturday or Sunday, then approximately from the circle of a dog have a rest that they gained strength and energy. During this period at them short walking, without games. Then on start they seek forward.

I judge
Ya on the dog. When it in a breast-band to hold it very difficult. You say: "Three, two, one …" — and it just "takes out".
Duration of trainings depends on route length. It is clear, that it is necessary to begin with small (for example, with 500 meters) and gradually to increase a distance. The maximum distance on which we with Elza ran in a kanikrossa – about 6 kilometers.
the Speed which is gathered by a dog in many respects depends on the person on other end of a potyag. On a kanikrossa we with Elza gathered speed to 17 km/h. But in the bike-dzhoringe speed can be and 30 km/h.
 Riding sport of a photo

Where it is possible to train?

it is possible to Train in any place where there is a suitable path and where do not walk with children not to provoke discontent of people around.
Is direct routes along water utilities, there are sites with the cross-country terrain, there are mountainous sites. It is possible to train also near the house if you have such path.
At all. It is desirable that there was no continuous asphalt as dogs erase about it small pillows.

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