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Standard of breed Rottweiler of FCI No. 147 of 19.06.2000




Partner, office, working


Group 2. Pinschers and schnauzers, molossa, Swiss sennenhunds, etc.
Section 2.1. Molossa, dogoobrazny dogs.


With tests of working qualities.

GENERAL IMPRESSION the Rottweiler — a dog average or large, powerful. Does not look heavy or easy, without hint on dampness. All species of a Rottweiler speaks about the big force, dexterity and endurance.
The MAIN PROPORTIONS the trunk Length measured from a bone breast to sciatic hillocks has to surpass height in withers the most bigger for 15%.
TEMPERAMENT AND BEHAVIOUR the Dog of friendly and peaceful temper loving children, very affectionate, obedient, manageable and efficient. Radiates self-confidence and fearlessness. It is very attentive to a surrounding situation.
Skull : Average length, between ears wide, at a view sideways of the line of a forehead — moderately convex. The occipital hillock is well developed, not strongly acting.
Transition from a forehead to a muzzle : It is strongly expressed.
Nose : The back of a nose is well expressed, wide, an oval form with big nostrils, black.
Muzzle : The muzzle in relation to a skull should not make impressions neither extended, nor shortened. Direct and wide at a skull, narrowed to a nose lobe.
Lips : Black, skintight, the corners of lips closed gums as much as possible dark.
Jaws : Strong, wide upper and lower jaw.
Cheekbones : Malar arches are expressed.
Bite : Strong and polnozuby (42 teeth), a bite — scissors.
Eyes : The average size, almond-shaped, dark brown color, with well adjacent centuries.
Ears : The average size, trailing, triangular, are highly put, widely placed. At the lying forward, well adjacent ears the skull seems more widely.
Neck : Powerful, moderately long with good muscles, with slightly convex line of a nape, dry without suspension or a free skin on a throat.
Back : Direct, powerful, strong.
Waist : Short, powerful, deep.
Croup : Wide, average length, with easy curves, not direct, but not strongly falling down.
Breast : Volume, wide and deep (about 50% of height in withers), from the breast developed by a front part and well svodisty edges.
Stomach : The groin is not tightened.
TAIL Natural form. Extended is continuation of a back. In a quiet state trailing.
General impression : Front extremities at a look in front are straight lines and are not close put to each other.
Shovels : A shovel inclination to a vertical about 45 degrees.
Shoulder : Well adjoins to a trunk.
Forearms : Strongly developed and brawny.
Pyasti : Slightly elastic, powerful, not direct.
Paws : Round, fingers closely adjoin to each other, small pillows rigid, claws short, black, strong.
General impression : At a look behind back extremities direct, are also not close put to each other. In a free rack, in a profile, a hip with shins form an obtuse angle.
Hips : Moderately long, wide, with strong muscles passing into a strong skakatelny joint, with good corners, not straight lines.
of the PAW
Is slightly longer than forepaws, fingers strong, also densely adjoin to each other.
General impression : The natural movement of a Rottweiler — a lynx. The back remains strong and rather quiet. Movements are harmonious, sure, strong and not held down, with a good width of a step.
Skin: Head skin densely adjoins and at strong vigilance can form easy folds on a forehead.
Wool: Consists of an integumentary hair and an underfur — direct wool. An integumentary hair of average are long, rough, dense and skintight. The underfur should not act from under an integumentary hair. On back extremities wool is slightly longer.
COLOUR : Black with well outlined podpalom rich red-brown color: on cheeks, a muzzle, the lower part of a neck, a breast and extremities and also under eyes and below at the tail basis.
Height in withers: at dogs from 61 to 68 cm, 61 — 62 cm — small, 63 — 64 cm — average growth, 65 — 66 cm — desirable growth, 67 — 68 cm — very big. Weight is about 50 kg.
Height in withers: a bough from 56 to 63 cm, 56 — 57 cm — small, 58 — 59 cm — average growth, 60 — 61 cm — desirable growth, 62 — 63 cm — very big. Weight is about 42 kg
SHORTCOMINGS Any deviation from above the stated points has to be considered as a shortcoming.
General impression : Easy, narrow, long-legged dogs, dogs with weak frame and muscles.
Head : The head of a hunting dog narrow, easy, too short, long, clumsy head, a flat forehead (absence or poorly expressed transition from a forehead to a muzzle).
Muzzle : A long or sharp muzzle, the doubled nose lobe, the humpbacked or bent nose back, the falling-down nose back (aquiline nose), a light or spotty lobe of a nose.
Lips : Open, pink or spotty lips, open corner of lips.
Jaws : Narrow lower jaw.
Bite : Kleshcheobrazny bite.
Ears : Low put, heavy, long, flabby, thrown back back and also remote or unevenly rushing ears.
Eyes : The light, deeply put, too big, round eyes, the drooped eyelids.
Neck : Too long, thin, with weak muscles a neck, a suspension or too free skin on a throat.
Trunk : Too long, too short, narrow.
Back : Too long, weak or bent back curved.
Croup : Sloping croup, too short, too direct or too long.
Breast : A flat, barrel-shaped breast, a breast with interception.
Tail : Too highly or it is too low put at the back basis.
Front extremities : Narrowly put or not straight lines. A direct shoulder, incorrectly created elbow, too long, short and directly put shoulder, soft or direct pyast, the dismissed paws, too flat or too strongly svodisty fingers, curved fingers, light claws.
Back extremities : Flat hips, the pulled together skakatelny joints, a korovina or barrel-shaped extremities, too sharp or too open corners of joints, pribyly fingers.
Skin : Folds on the head.
Wool : Soft, too short or long wool, lack of an underfur.
Color : Fell not that color, not the accurate, incorrect drawing fell.
General impression : The expressed shift of sexual type (suchy type of a dog and vice versa).
Bite : Having a snack, недокус, the warped bite. Lack of teeth: dogs with lack of a cutter, canine, premolyar or painter.
Eyes : Entropy, ektropiya, yellow eyes, ranoglazost.
Tail : The hall, spiral, it is set strongly aside at the tail basis concerning the line of a back aside.
Wool : dlinnoshersty and wavy wool.
Color : The wool color differing from the color determined for a Rottweiler by the standard and white spots.
Behavior : Timidity, shyness, cowardice, fear of a shot, distrustfulness, malignancy, nervousness.
The NOTE dogs have to have two normally developed testicles which completely are in a scrotum.

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