• Mar 30, 2020

Almost all puppies if they are socialized, like to play with relatives. However they play differently. And it should be considered, choosing the pet of companions on games.

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What can be styles of a game a puppy?

  1. "Catch me if you can!" Puppies chase one after another, and periodically change roles. If both puppies like to catch up or run away, a full-fledged game will not come out. It is very important to watch that both partners in a game derived from it pleasure, that is catching up did not turn into the persecutor, and running away – into the victim which is getting away in horror.
  2. "Street Dance". Puppies touch the friend the friend pads, are sometimes pushed with a back part, jump up and take detours the friend around the friend.
  3. "Friendly кусь". Dogs bite each other for a neck or parts of the body. At the same time they can porykivat and show a complete set of teeth. Here it is very important to watch language of a body of dogs that a game did not pass into a fight.
  4. "Free-style wrestling". One puppy from running start crashes into another, and then fuss begins. However consider that style of play not all dogs are capable to estimate similar. Some perceive so impolite invasion in an individual distance as attack and can answer respectively. Besides, it should be taken into account weight categories of players that fun did not end with injuries.

Whichever was style of play of a puppy, it is necessary to watch constantly language of a body of dogs and to take a break if the level of excitement began to read off scale or at least one of partners ceased to derive pleasure from communication.

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