• Jan 14, 2020

the First unforgettable meeting with Samoyeds

I will remember an unusual show well: at a source of the Moskva River stops miniveins, and five magnificent snow-white dogs jump out of a luggage carrier. The owner brought them to take a walk in the forest.

After I began to read about breed. Very much it was pleasant to me that these so white dogs, fluffy, big. And they always smile – the muzzle is so physiologically arranged at them.

To bring the Samoyed was the conscious, considered decision. And before we had dogs – sheep-dogs, a Rottweiler. In the childhood dragged to the house of all neglected pedigree and not purebred dogs.

 a samoyed, a pet, a dog, send Nordik's

according to the announcement. Arrived to manufacturers, and our doggie itself ran up to us, licked hands. He was such ridiculous, similar to a little bear cub. It was necessary to fall in love with him.

Decided to get a dog for the sake of the daughter. She is a stay-at-home, there was a strong wish that more often left the house, walked more.

The north was accustomed to a diaper at once. After the quarantine period began to accustom to the street at once. We walk with it three times a day. In the morning walk lasts minutes 40, in the afternoon the daughter walks with it one or one and a half hours. And we leave for one or two hours in the evening (depending on weather).

My way of life with the advent of a dog practically did not change. At me and so all on the run. And here the daughter began to move, go more. And I am glad to it.

They say, Samoyeds are difficult in education

When Nordik was little, we addressed the cynologist. He then told: Samoyeds do not study. We did not see great desire at the expert to be engaged with our dog. Therefore did not insist on lessons.

Too we especially were not engaged in training. If you rigidly tell "a Row!", it, of course, will approach and will sit down. But without special pleasure.

Knows the teams "Stand!" and "Wash!".

From acquaintances learned about a course of humane trainings of the trainer Tatyana Romanova , we want to register — to try.

In general Nordik very sensitive. You will pull strongly a lead or you will scold for something – will take offense. Will leave, will lay down on the place, will turn away to a wall. And till the morning, call it do not call, will not come any more. And in the morning on it it is also not visible that took offense.

Recommend after you scold a dog, 20 minutes to ignore her, and after to call up, regret, stroke. Our North does not come also in an hour. Takes offense for the fact that it is brought up.

Features of character of Samoyeds

Samoyeds are dogs independent, not bustling, kind and at the same time playful. But they at all not security guards.

It is an active dog: likes to run and jump much on the street. Adores when it is ironed, scratched. Cannot do without attention and caress.

The Samoyed – rather clean dog. During all the time погрыз only my some sandals. When was small, did not gnaw, and licked furniture legs.

We, however, had a problem. When moved to the new apartment, marked the territory. But then got used, calmed down, understood that there it is even better for it: it is more places and forest be near.

It is how difficult to look after hair of a samoyed

Samoyeds have volume wool. But care of it actually simple. The dog fades only in the summer, during a heat. It is necessary to scratch, of course. We scratch once a week. And many, I know, every day. Samoyeds are very fluffy. We collect wool. Let's drag — now in fashion valenny things.

After walk we wash paws and a stomach. But so do, I think, owners of all dogs, not only Samoyeds.

 Samoyed, dog, pet, sheost

Features of food of Samoyeds

Samoyeds eat not much. The north loves cottage cheese with sour cream, milk (but it is impossible for it). Nordik has an allergy to chicken. He at us on the mixed food: one feeding by a forage, the second – "naturalka". We feed him with beef.

Samoyeds do not transfer loneliness

Still before bringing Nordik, we read: Samoyeds badly transfer loneliness. Therefore at the same time with a puppy took a kitten, the Scottish lop-eared. They, of course, do not go in an embrace and do not sleep together, but are on friendly terms. The north worries when the cat is ill. Cat more independent. But also, to tell the truth, we love a dog more. And the attention to the North gets more. The cat takes offense, and I feel sorry for him. But if you take on hands of a cat, the North is jealous, a nose pushes away. Then surely somewhere will press the companion, will revenge.

They play together. It is interesting to observe how the cat clings to North wool, and they rush together on the house. They do not overturn the apartment any more, but in the childhood played pranks. Kot jumped on furniture, on cases and everything threw off from there, and the dog futbolit things from below. Therefore at us do not cost beautiful suvenirchik and other lovely knickknacks anywhere.

Attitude of Samoyeds to children

The North is indifferent to children. This is definitely not a dog for small children. He pretends that he does not notice them. Kind of kids called him, it is developed and leaves. And so treats all friendly. Never on anybody began to roar, did not grin, did not bite. It is possible even to correct a bowl when Nordik eats. The dog will only wag a tail.

Fights with dogs for attention of ladies

A north — the real gentleman, also fights for attention of ladies. And with dogs, same as it, on growth or is even more. Here and recently fought about huskies. But we already know with whom in the district at Nordik the conflicts. We try not to approach. And at skirmishes – we separate.

He loves girls, does not offend also little dogs. They bark at him, and the North such surprised: "What the trifle is here such yelps?"

 the Samoyed, walk with a dog, ulitsets

That in behavior of the Samoyed it would be desirable to change

The north on the street very much pulls a lead. Does not want to execute the command "Nearby!". We walk generally without lead. But the road faces, waits that it was fastened. When we leave a forest belt, too waits. If on the road with it you quarrel, you will pull slightly stronger a lead or you will shout, he will run off and will independently walk. Then turns around and watches where you. The offense does not last long: we come back home – everything is forgotten.

What ridiculous cases happened to the North

North very ridiculous in itself. We from it laugh all the time. Our Samoyed is an unconditional love. You come home — he is always glad and "smiles" to you. The later came, the more rejoices.

Sometimes we shoot amusing videos about their games with a cat.

Somehow went to the lake in the summer. Nordik very much likes such trips — there for him expanse. And here he heard as frogs croak. At first did not understand who it. Then rushed to water, ran on pan-tone, and that suddenly unexpectedly ended. The north did not manage to slow down and flopped in water. It did not expect, was frightened terribly. We with the daughter slightly pulled out it. Our Samoyed not natatorial! I know that others well swim, with pleasure.

Small we did not carry the North on any small rivers. At home knows the team "Wash!" since we wash paws constantly. Itself jumps in a shower cabin, costs-waits when it is washed. But if from above to pour water on withers – offense. Very much looks unfortunate at such moments. Then we dry the hair dryer more than two hours. But not dried the Samoyed it is impossible to bring to the street. Somehow in the evening I washed Nordik and did not dry up. By the morning he did not dry. After walk the dog got sick with rheumatism.

What diseases are characteristic of a samoyed

We have a dog still young, good health. As I already spoke above, faced rheumatism because a dog did not dry up after washing.

Also at the North the allergy to chicken is shown: wool becomes yellow, and around eyes brown circles appear. In such cases it is necessary to change food, the bleaching shampoos do not help.

Once of the North was bitten by a tick. It was got, and to a dog it became worse and worse. In time called the veterinarian: appointed treatment.

What owner will suit a samoyed

Samoyeds will suit people who like to walk, lead active lifestyle. Same a laika, it needs to move much.

is a dog — the friend, the partner. But not the security guard and not the hunter though behind crows can run about.
All photos — from personal archive of Veronika Pasternak

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