• Mar 3, 2020

you got a puppy, but are afraid to do mistakes in education, in particular in schooling to a toilet? Do you hear contradictory recommendations from all directions? 7 useful tips from the world famous trainer of dogs of Victoria Stilwell will help to you quickly and easily to accustom a puppy to a toilet.

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How to accustom a puppy to a toilet?

  1. Before bringing a puppy home, surely equip the safe place where he will be able to remain one when you are not able to look behind it. It can be the separate small room, the fenced space or an arena (but not a cage !) If you do not make it, the puppy will roam about the house, to go to a toilet where it is necessary and to chew everything that what will reach. It not only will create at it addictions, but also it is simply dangerous. Safety first of all. Surely examine the place where you leave a puppy unguarded. It is important to fall by the level of growth of the kid and to check whether really it can reach dangerous objects or be injured.
  2. Many do not decide to walk a puppy before all vaccination is done, and prefer to accustom for this time the kid to diapers. If you accustom a puppy to diapers, begin with the fact that you cover diapers all surface of a floor in that place where the puppy remains one. Each several days put away pair of diapers, thus reducing space for "toilet". Eventually the puppy will get used to go to a toilet to the same place so you will be able to leave 1 – 2 diapers.
  3. If there is a safe place where the puppy can walk even during the quarantine, you can accustom at the same time him both to diapers, and to walking on the street. To accustom to a toilet on the street of the puppy accustomed to a diaper it is worth taking out the used diaper on the street and to wait while the puppy descends in a toilet there. Thus the puppy will have an association with the fact that it is possible to go to a toilet on the street, and it is safe. After a while, when the puppy will learn to suffer long enough, you will be able to put away house diapers.
  4. You praise a puppy when he descends in a toilet in the right place.
  5. Remember that the puppy cannot long suffer so if you accustom him to a toilet on the street and put away house diapers, it is necessary to provide frequent walking.
  6. It is useful to enter a special word which will designate "toilet affairs" of a puppy. For this purpose, when the puppy began to celebrate need, pronounce this word. So at the kid the association between a word and action will be created. When the puppy understands that he means this word, you will be able to use it to induce a dog to descend in a toilet at the right time.
  7. Stock up with patience. Process of schooling of a puppy to a toilet demands patience and time, however, if you make everything correctly, then you will be able quickly enough and it is easy to accustom a puppy to a toilet.

It is more how to bring up and train a puppy by humane methods, you can learn on our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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