• Jan 19, 2019

the Team of experts from the American Institute of Alyn under the leadership of Ali Farhadi developed a unique neuronet which can predict behavior of dogs. For this purpose experts applied videos from the GoPro device installed on the examinee's head of a dog and special sensors. As a result the program learned to predict behavior of the pet on 5 frames forward.

The Neuronet Can Predict Behaviour of Dogs

For experience the video from the first person of a dog was used, and his pose was fixed by highly sensitive inertial sensors. The obtained data at once were synchronized with audioinformation on a sound background.

Only the Person Is Responsible for Behaviour of Dogs

Experts conducted researches in different places: on the street, in the square and in workers of the room. In total record was carried out in 50 locations.

Besides, experts changed also experimental conditions: at execution of the commands given by the person, communication with other animals, search of things and so on.

During all the time exactly 380 videos were shot. All behavioural model was divided into the next moments:


  1. Action . The artificial intelligence gives the forecast to the further movement of an animal, being guided by information which is available at his order.
  2. Planning . The program consistently analyzes all actions of a dog which it applies to movement to a final position.
  3. Training . The neuronet identifies different objects and draws conclusions on what surfaces the dog moves.

During the researches 2 neuronets — LSTM and CNN were applied. Experts are sure that further researches in this area will allow mankind to understand better not only dogs, but also other living things on Earth.

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