• Mar 27, 2019

quantity, arrangement and types of canines at the pet. In total there are 42 cutters in a mouth. Veterinarians recommend to owners to study not only the established rules on care of a mouth, but also with the little-known facts about teeth of a dog: absence of caries, loss reason, correction of a bite, refusal of the general anesthesia.

The Little-known Facts about Teeth of a Dog

Unknown processes

Not all fans of pets know that dogs do not suffer from caries. Change of a shade of enamel is connected with different pathologies of internals, a shape of teeth and lack of a chewing surface. On structure of tooth the diet, amount of proteins and carbohydrates in food have a direct impact. Other little-known facts about favourites:


  1. Loss of teeth depends on existence of a scale.
  2. Dwarfish breeds slopes to a parodontin. The disease develops against the background of insufficient hygiene of a mouth, intake of soft food.
  3. To some dogs breket-systems are put to correct a bite.
  4. At damage cutters are restored, crowns are put. The procedure is performed only under the general anesthesia. Compulsory fixing is dangerous by injury of cervical vertebras. If to perform the procedure without anesthesia, teeth will quickly be broken off, and the remained root will provoke inflammation of a bone.

Care of a cavity

Special attention is paid to to cleaning of a mouth . Special tools are used to its carrying out in the conditions of veterinary dental clinic. But not all owners of dogs know that without anesthesia it is possible to remove only an easy raid or deposits outside of teeth. At the same time the stone continues to be formed from within that provokes loss of cutters.

Care of a Cavity of a Dog

It is impossible to remove a stone only. It is necessary to carry out polishing of a maxillary row. In that case is warned its repeated education .

If to perform the procedure without anesthesia and against the will of an animal, it is possible to provoke a severe stress and also to injure language, a cheek, gums.

Special Toothpaste for Dogs

Surely should follow rules of care of teeth. Special toothpaste is for this purpose used.

It differs from the similar means intended for hygiene of a mouth of the person in the fact that does not contain fluorine . Such structure is explained by high probability that the animal will swallow it. An unpleasant smell and taste, availability of special enzymes and enzymes under the influence of which the food remains are dissolved — secondary features of care product for teeth of animals.

the Interesting fact is the following: if from a dog smells of chips, the phenomenon of "Frito Feet" is possible. The bacteria which accumulated on paws provoke emergence of a smell of corn chips that is connected with non-compliance with rules of hygiene after walk.

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