• Mar 2, 2019

In practice it was noticed that the most part of people when choosing a puppy stops on females as they devoted, tender and less aggressive, than males. But many do not consider that when growing the pet it is necessary to pay it a lot of attention. It is necessary to know all signs which indicate approach at a dog of a techka (estrus). In some situations the behavior of an animal can cardinally exchange.

Signs of a Techka at a Dog

Main signs

If visually the owner of a dog cannot define that she began a techka, then it is necessary to look narrowly at her behavior. It should be taken into account that will change also behavioural habits of the dogs who are at small distance from a female : they will accompany "lady" throughout all walk and to growl at each other.

the dog will make advances to "grooms", but will become more aggressive to them.

the following symptoms belong To visual signs of a state:

How to Define a Techka at a Dog

Frequent Urination at Dogs as Sign the Beginning of a Techka

  1. A molt prior to the beginning of and during an estrus.
  2. Violation of appetite. The dog can eat more actively and sleep much or, on the contrary, badly to eat and be nervous. The behavior directly depends on hormones, education and character of the pet.
  3. There is a friction by a back part about a floor. In usual life the similar behavior is not inherent in animals. At observation of such picture it is worth examining a vagina of a dog. Bloody allocations and swelling of a genital will signal about a techka.
  4. Frequent licking. It is much better for an animal, than wearing specially intended pants which will protect a carpet and floor covering from a pachkanye.
  5. Urination becomes frequent.
  6. Bloody allocations from a loop. They can be large female more plentiful, but at the first techka usually are poor. When there are all signs, except bloody allocations, it is necessary to address the veterinarian as it is possible that passes bloodless эструс.
  7. The increased inflated loop.

Professional advice

Thanks to knowledge of these signs it is possible to tell precisely that the animal endures process of a techka. During this period it is possible to couple the pet for emergence of posterity. It is also worth considering that for knitting the most suitable period — 10 — the 14th day of a techka .

That not to be mistaken in calculations, it is necessary to learn all symptomatology by heart.

People with wide experience advise:

  • always to write down days of passing of an estrus;
  • to observe how during this period the animal behaves;
  • to consider a condition of the pet.

How to Be when at a Dog a Techka

It is desirable to record symptomatology before approach of a techka further not to confuse it with the developing disease.

When there are no signs at all or they are poorly shown, it is possible to use laboratory tests . Thanks to them the person will know for certain that he happens with his pet.

In veterinary clinics and pet-shops can acquire tests for carrying out the analysis in house conditions.

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