• Jun 5, 2020

Many owners, in particular inexperienced, having got the pet, set to themselves and surrounding a set of questions. One of them: "Since how many months it is possible to begin to train a puppy?" or "Since how many months it is necessary to train a puppy?"

The Puppy of the American Pit Bull Terrier Lies on a Photo Grass
of the Photo: wallpaperflare.com

To give the correct answer to this question, it is necessary to know features development of a puppy.

Memory of a puppy has the greatest sensitivity from the 3rd to the 20th week, and means, to begin to train a puppy it is possible from 1 month. Also it is necessary to begin to train a puppy up to 5 months.

However question "since how many months begin to train a puppy" not absolutely correct. Training of a puppy begins that day when the kid crosses threshold of your house at what age it was at this moment. And training even the elderly dog never comes to an end, both adult, and with pleasure study new.

Remember that training is not a mushtra, but a game, so, with how many months you began to train a puppy, you will not select at him the childhood. On the contrary, his life will be more cheerful and more various, and you with the pet learn it is better to understand each other.

It is more how to bring up and train a puppy by humane methods, you can from our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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