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History of breed sleek-haired fox terrier quite ancient. Small dogs who were called terriers were long since mentioned in the English literature. This French word derivative of Latin "terrarius" ("earth"). The name is connected with the fact that on hunting, pursuing a badger or a fox, these dogs without hesitation got into holes, under the earth, expelling an animal on a surface.
 the Sleek-haired fox terrier

On a photo: Sleek-haired fox terrier

On character these impudent and fearless quadrupeds a little in what differed from modern terriers, but history did not keep the description of their appearance.
terriers accompanied
at the beginning of the 17th century on hunting of rack of hounds.
A century later during chaotic crossing were created dogs who were called "norny terriers". They, in turn, were divided into several breeds. One of which was the sleek-haired fox terrier — the ancestor of wire-haired fox terriers. In it blood sleek-haired black and the thane of a terrier, bull terrier, beagle and greykhaund merged.
Is probable, the beagle participated in cultivation to add white color to a color. It would make dogs other than foxes as in the heat of hunting of a dog quite often fell a victim of carelessness of hunters.
Terriers won love of both the aristocracy, and the simple people. It was promoted by low cost of their contents. Therefore terriers not only hunted, but also, for example, caught rats on mills or in stables. There was even a competition: whose dog will kill more rats for unit of time.
Terriers were famous for endurance. One of representatives of breed spent underground several hours. And when the hole was dug out, he still battled against a raccoon. Despite terrible wounds, the doggie was not going to give up.
fox terriers debuted
In 1861 at the English exhibition. And in 1875 the group of hunters founded the English club of fans of fox terriers. In a year made the first standard which underwent only one change since then: weight reduction of dogs. In 1885 this standard with small adjustments (change of some measurements in favor of reduction) was approved just based American фокстерьер-клубом.
one aim was pursued In those days: to increase hunting qualities of dogs.
But in several years rich members of the English club headed for cultivation not only tireless hunters, but also future stars of rings. It disturbed "ordinary" fans: they became agitated that their favourite breed will degenerate in "the unperturbable aristocrat".
However exactly thanks to the aristocracy in principle noticed breed as independent. The Golden Age of sleek-haired fox terriers fell on time of government of the Queen Victoria. In 1885 presented to Her Majesty Jack's fox terrier. He differed in independence, live and quite violent temper, did not hesitate to bite court, and the queen made the decision to sell it. However Jack was accepted in the best houses of London and though his career of the favourite of monarchs was short, during his stay at court many representatives of society managed to get the same dogs.
the Sleek-haired fox terrier became in England the most popular breed. Also cost expensive though many of the sold dogs were only hybrids. Removed even tiny that-foksteryera which, however, did not receive the status of independent breed.
of Fear of fans that cultivation of dogs for exhibitions will have an adverse effect on their hunting abilities, did not come true. And though fox terriers slightly lost vivacity and courage, they gained sociability and friendliness.
Now wire-haired fox terriers outnumber sleek-haired fellows. However both that, and another versions are still popular in England, the USA, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Canada thanks to the outstanding qualities.

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