• Dec 18, 2019
Sleek-haired fox terriers are quite unpretentious and do not need special leaving. However care of a sleek-haired fox terrier nevertheless has features which need to be considered.

 Sleek-haired fox terrier

On a photo: Sleek-haired fox terrier

Wool should be combed out once a week. In the period of a molt it is better to comb out a dog twice a week. It is possible to find a set of types of brushes and mittens for sleek-haired dogs in pet-shop. These devices will also help to collect wool from furniture and carpets.

After each walk to the pet of a paw.
of the Sleek-haired fox terrier bathe not often, only in case of need. For washing soft shampoo is used.
the Fox terrier long dries therefore avoid "bathing days" in cold weather or for the night.
As required cut off claws of a dog the special nail clipper.
At least 1 time a month you clean to a sleek-haired fox terrier ears.
the Correct care of a sleek-haired fox terrier is inconceivable without walking.
the First walking has to take place not earlier than for the 15th day after repeated vaccination. Duration — no more than 15 minutes. Gradually the number of walks and their duration increase — a minimum till 2 o'clock in day.

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