• Apr 6, 2020
Socialization is very important

for further life of a dog. Only in that case if you provide to a puppy competent socialization, he will grow up safe for people around and self-assured.

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However you should not forget that time of socialization is limited at the majority of puppies the first 12 – 16 weeks. That is for a short time the kid needs to be acquainted with many things. And one of the most important components of socialization of a puppy – a meeting with other puppies.

How to make these meetings useful for all participants? Perhaps, it is worth listening to councils world famous trainer of dogs of Victoria Stilwell.

of 6 councils for a reason of meetings with other puppies for socialization of a puppy from Victoria Stilwell

  1. You watch that at a meeting with other puppy leads of both kids were sagged. Do not pull a lead at all and do not allow leads to get confused!
  2. Allow puppies to sniff at each other. Thus dogs obtain information on age, sex and an emotional condition of "interlocutor".
  3. If puppies after the first several minutes of communication look weakened and happy with communication, it is possible to throw leads on the earth, but not to move away them absolutely yet. Still after a while it is possible to remove leads.
  4. You watch language of a body of puppies, do not allow overexcitation. As soon as a game becomes too rough or rough and at least one of participants ceases to derive from it pleasure, it is worth interrupting this process and to make a pause until puppies calm down and will be able to interact comfortably and safely again. Switch attention of a puppy to yourself to some time. Do not assume that the puppy had negative associations concerning communication and games with relatives.
  5. The main task of communication of a puppy with other puppies – acquisition of positive experience of communication and games with tribespeople, sharpening of ability "to talk" in "native language". Do not forget about it for a second.
  6. From time to time switch attention of a puppy to yourself, then release again to play. So you teach the kid to the fact that even during the games with relatives he has to respond to your call, and it not necessarily means the end of fun.

It is more by humane methods you can learn about education and training of a puppy on our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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