• Jan 13, 2020

to Get a dog – a childhood dream

The first I had Cupid, an amusing 4-month-old puppy bear cub. It the Pomeranian spitz-dog rather rare type – bear. The cupid is my first dog. And I very long dreamed about such. When to me it was presented, I understood: dreams come true! And there was it already nearly eight years ago. Just at once we found with it a common language. It always was good: obedient and that is important, not unruly.

In respect of accustoming no problems existed at all. But up to two years the dog was ill much. The cupid underwent two operations. The first time to him implanted a patella. Then he broke a front pad (unsuccessfully jumped off from a sofa), and the change was with shift, and to it inserted a special needle. In conclusion it also caught an infection — hardly saved. So he at me suffered much at young age, well knows who such veterinarians.

Now the Cupid is an impudent and lazy dog, but madly tender and gentle.

On a photo: spitz-dog Cupid. Photo: from personal archive of Tatyana Lentsevich.

the Second dog appeared that it was not boring for the first

Yes, dreams really come true! I was convinced of it when at home Lola appeared. During jogs on the park always with envy looked at the girl who ran with the Yorkshire terrier. Thought how it is exciting to run together with a dog. The cupid owing to the weakened health could not keep me the company. Except that he underwent two paw operations, so still the anesthesia gave complications on heart. He runs when he wants, but is not really active.

I all thought: if I had a girl – red chanterelle … And once acquaintances also called told that manufacturers sell an adult spitz-dog, the girl, three and a half years. The reason for which gave a dog called the employment supposedly to Lola more attention which they cannot give is necessary. But it turned out that it has in a dung few puppies, and these people were engaged in cultivation. So I got a dog with a bunch of "female" diseases. And now periodically we treat inflammations.

But it is a remarkable dog! Clever, devoted, true. And we with it, by the way, after all run together as I also wanted!

My Lola already two times became a mother. The gentleman always is near! Every time gave birth itself and it is rather easy. And here the maternal instinct at it is absent at all. She, for example, did not lick puppies. And did it … Cupid. Though advise a dog in general to isolate from puppies because there were cases when newly made fathers ate kids. And at us just the father cared for children. On feeding of crumbs to mother I brought.

Photo: from personal archive of Tatyana Lentsevich.

Mother, father and prankish Sobolina

The third dog of Sobolina – a puppy of Lola and Cupid. My favourite meanie! To her as younger, all pranks always say goodbye. In general I did not plan to leave a dog. Wanted to present her to mother that it moved more, more often came for walks. While persuaded mother, itself so got used to the baby that already and the thought was not it to give.

Sobolina called because a puppy she resembled a sable, a color same. It appears, the sable is a predator. And the name, probably, strongly affected character of a dog. She likes to send cats on the street, and at home exhausts the mother on a balcony, then guards, does not release.

So we have the whole family: father, mother and prankish Sobolina. And younger builds all — as she wants, and occurs.

Sobolin soon 4 years, and she became a mother already once. It was very difficult experience for us — the dog had to be kesarit. As a result from two puppies only one was born live. Now he lives at my relatives so I well know about its destiny. Unlike Lola Sobolina it was very good mother: cared for a puppy, to him admitted nobody.


Is easy to bring up a spitz-dog?

From one of three dogs I had no problems. Somehow all by itself occurs.

Spitz-dogs are clever dogs.

Heard, scientists came to a conclusion that dogs of words do not understand, and are guided on intonation of the person. I categorically do not agree with it. My dogs understand all! As for teams, I even taught adult Lola to much of them.

How to look after a spitz-dog?

If to read the description of breed, practically everywhere advise to wash spitz-dogs of times in three weeks. It seems to me that to bathe so often a dog to anything. I bathe Lola often. It is visible, the first owners so did. Wool at it quickly becomes soiled, becomes fat, the smell appears. I bathe Sobolina and the Cupid every three months – for them it enough. After washing surely the hair dryer also I comb the land.

Spitz-dogs though they and very fluffy doggies, it is not necessary to scratch every day at all. Wool at them does not get off, only if slightly behind ears. Even in the period of a wool molt from them there is not a lot of. But after bathing when we dry and scratch, it flies everywhere, is hammered into the hair dryer.

Spitz-dogs are dogs moderately active

Of course, spitz-dogs – doggies bright. On the street like to run about, behind a ball to be worn, but the hours-long exhausting walks are not required to them. We walk in the morning about half an hour – minutes forty. In the evening – one or one and a half hours. At the weekend we can take a walk for pleasure and longer. As a rule, we walk all together and without leads. I take Sobolina on a lead, and two senior dogs – on hands only when we cross the road.

Photo: from personal archive of Tatyana Lentsevich.

On the street all behave quietly, except Sobolina. It can pozadirat" other dogs also: barks, jumps on them. To bite does not bite, but thinks what frightens.

Though small, but security guards

If someone rings a door or comes to us, all three dogs rush to doors, bark. We have a pack! It when one dog, instincts sometimes can become dull. And if there is never a lot of them –. Because of it sometimes there are also problems with neighbors: spitz-dogs loudly and chorus bark. Someone will get one, others pick up.

of the Habit of spitz-dogs

I work hard therefore it is necessary to leave dogs of some at home. Happens that for a long time. Generally they sleep, but not always. On those traces that they reserve, it is possible to guess, than they were engaged. Someone on a sofa rolled, someone ate cookies from a table … But usually this someone – always one: Sobolina. It is only who can get and jump everywhere.

Dogs where to whom and as there is a wish sleep. The cupid is my first pet, because he more "humanized": likes to lay down the head on a pillow. Happens, I wake up, and we lie with it face to face. Little girls can and settle in legs, and even on the place to sleep.

When dogs grow up, they erase a side a mother-father-puppy. So Lola for Sobolina is a competitor, and the father – just a dog. When techka time comes, stickings begin. Saves that without assistance the Cupid does not cope therefore for the period of a techka nobody settles out.


the owner will suit a spitz-dog

I would not tell that spitz-dogs very exacting dogs. The main thing that the owner was kind, careful, had an opportunity and desire to spend time with amusing tails. This breed, seems to me, will suit also the beginner. Only it is necessary to remember about their gentle pads.

Of course, with the advent of a dog life changes. There is responsibility, love and always good mood. The person becomes more active. Very quickly you get used to daily walks. And even during a rain already most there is a wish to walk in the evening on the park.

I do not represent
how it is possible to live without these woolen balls!

The only shortcoming – you cannot leave for a long time anywhere. Therefore I also do not go anywhere! A holiday we spend everything together at home or at the dacha. But in life there can be anything and if I had to leave with someone the threefold happiness, then only with the person to whom I trust: mother, sister, girlfriend. The zoohotel for me is definitely not option.

the Positive from bitter oranges

the Old woman Lola is a dog rather clumsy, and in Sobolin energy is more than enough. And here takes off youngest of an entrance and rushed, she was gone in a flash. Lola wanted too. And only she "was soaped" as suddenly stumbles and turns over through the head. Second confusion: "What did it happen to me?". Then shook off and important ran further.

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