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the Standard of a Labrador gives the accurate description of how representatives of breed have to look and behave.

Standard of a Labrador of FCI No. 122/29. 01. 1999

Labrador retriever
Great Britain
Subgun dog
Group 8. Retrievers. Spaniels. Water dogs.
Section 1. Retrievers.
With working tests.
Labrador Photo On a photo: Labrador of a pale-yellow color
GENERAL IMPRESSION: sturdily-build, compact, very active wide in a skull with a wide and deep thorax and edges, wide and strong back extremities and a waist.
BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: good temperament, very dexterous. The fine intuition, a soft grasp when giving a game, very much loves water. Easily adapts, the devoted partner. Clever, acute and obedient, possessing strong desire to please the owner. Good-natured and tender, without shadow of aggression or fearfulness.
Skull: wide, clean lines, without fleshy cheeks. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle expressed.
nose Lobe: wide, with well developed nostrils.
Muzzle: powerful, not pointed.
Jaws / Teeth: teeth of the average size. Strong jaws with an excellent, uniform, regular nozhnitseobrazny bite, at the same time densely close the top cutters lower, teeth stand in a jaw vertically.
of an Eye: the average size, the expressing minds and good character, brown or nut.
Ears: not wide and not heavy, trailing, adjacent to the head, are put far behind.
NECK: clean lines, strong, powerful, it is well located on shoulders.
Back: flat line of top.
Waist: wide, short and strong.
Breast: good depth and length, with well svodisty edges.
TAIL: distinctive feature of breed, very thick at the basis, gradually narrowed by the end, average length, without suspension, but the type of a round "vydrovy" tail covered with dense short, rough wool, giving it. It can be cheerfully lifted, but never it has to be bent on a back.
FRONT EXTREMITIES: front extremities direct, with strong frame.
Shoulder: long, slanting.
BACK EXTREMITIES: the back extremities which are well developed a croup not inclined to a tail.
Knee joints: with good corners.
Skakatelny joints: low located. Cow posts it is extremely not desirable.
of the PAW: round, in a lump, well svodisty, with the developed small pillows.
of the MOVEMENT: free, productive. Rectilinear and parallel front and back extremities.
QUALITY of WOOL: distinctive sign, short, dense, without waves and tows, rigid and dense to the touch, a dense waterproof underfur.
COLOUR: continuous black, pale-yellow or brown (hepatic, chocolate). Pale-yellow from light-cream to fox-red. The small white spot on a breast is admissible.
ideal height in withers:
dogs — 56-57 cm
boughs — 54-56 cm
SHORTCOMINGS: any deviation from the above-named points has to be considered as a shortcoming which assessment has to be in an exact ratio with degree of this deviation.
NOTE: at dogs have to be two full, normally developed a testicle, completely lowered in a scrotum.

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