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The standard of a white Swiss sheep-dog was developed by the International film logical federation.

the Standard of breed a white Swiss sheep-dog of FCI No. 347 from 04.7.2011 g

Group 1. Sheep-dogs and skotogonny dogs (except the Swiss skotogonny dogs).
Section 1. Sheep-dogs.
Without working tests.
Puppy of a White Swiss Sheep-dog On a photo: Puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog (short-haired version)
GENERAL VIEW. A strong dog of the average size with average frame, well developed muscles and standing ears. The case which is slightly extended with elegant and harmonious outlines. Wool of average length or long with an underfur.
Main important proportions : The case which is slightly extended, rectangular, its length (from a shoulder - a scapular joint to sciatic hillocks) belongs to height in withers as 12:10. Length of a muzzle is slightly more than a half of head length (distance from stop to an occipital hillock slightly less, than distance from stop to a nose lobe).
Behavior/temperament: the Vigorous, attentive and vigilant dog slightly watchfully belonging to foreign people without showing at the same time nervousness, fear or aggression.

HEAD. Strong, dry, with fine-molded lines and with a proper correlation to the case. At the top view and sideways wedge-shaped. Lines of a skull and a muzzle are parallel.
Area of a skull: a skull slightly roundish with the expressed central furrow. Stop (transition from a forehead to a muzzle): slightly designated, but accurately distinguishable.
A nose the average size, it is desirable black, but are allowed also lighter color of a lobe of a nose.
The muzzle powerful, on length is equal to a half or slightly more than length of the head. A back of a nose and the lower line of a muzzle direct, gradually meeting to a nose.
Lips dry, skintight black, or the most dark.
Jaws/teeth jaws strong. All teeth have to be in a set and be perpendicular to a jaw. Nozhnitseobrazny bite.
Eyes average size, almond-shaped, slightly slantwise located. Color of eyes varies from brown to dark brown. Eyelids are dry, skintight, black or most dark color.
Ears standing, highly put, directly are also in parallel located and directed forward, have the form of an equilateral triangle with slightly rounded off tips.
The neck average length, with well developed muscles, is harmoniously located in relation to a body, without suspension. Elegantly curved top line of a neck smoothly passes from rather highly located head to withers.

CASE: Strong with well developed muscles, average length.
Withers : Accurately expressed.
Back : Direct, strong.
Waist : With very well developed muscles.
Croup : Long, average width, it is slightly inclined to the tail basis.
Breast : Not too wide, deep (about 50% of height in withers), reaches elbows. The thorax oval and long, front honor of a breast is accurately expressed.
Line of a bottom : Strong and harmonious sides, the Belt is slightly tightened.
Tail : Fluffy, acinaciform, narrowed by the end, low put and reaching, at least, a skakatelny joint. In a quiet state it is lowered down, or a direct form, or with a small acinaciform curve in the lower third of a tail. At the movement the tail rises, but lines of a back are not higher.

of the EXTREMITY. Strong, brawny, with average frame.

At a look in front the straight lines which are moderately widely put at a look sideways with the correct corners.
Shovels and shoulders : Rather long, inclined with the correct corners and very developed muscles.
Elbows : are located close to the case, are directed back. Forearms: Long, direct, dry.
Pyasti : Strong, are put with a small inclination.

At a look behind direct, parallel, not too widely put. At a look sideways – with sufficient corners. Hips : Average length, with very developed muscles.
Shins : Average length, are slantwise put, with good frame and the developed muscles.
Skakatelny joints : Strong with good corners.
Insteps : Average length, direct, dry, are put steeply. Pribyly fingers have to be removed, except for the countries where it is prohibited by the law.
of the PAW: Oval. Back is slightly longer than lobbies. The fingers compressed, slightly curved, with strong black small pillows and, it is desirable with black claws.

of the MOVEMENT: The rhythmical, consecutive movements of extremities with an identical force and duration. Good vyma of front extremities. Creeping easy lynx.

SKIN. Dry, without folds and wrinkles, with dark pigmentation.

WOOL. Average length, skintight or long. The underfur is very well developed. Ostevy hair dense, rigid, direct. On a muzzle, ears and front parts of paws wool shorter, on a neck and on back parts of paws – longer. The hair with a small wave is allowed ostevy.
COLOUR – White.

Height in withers : Dogs of 60 - 66 cm, boughs of 55 - 61 cm
Weight of a white Swiss sheep-dog : dogs of 30 - 40 kg, boughs of 25 - 35 kg.
Small deviations by the sizes and weight as in big, and are downwards allowed.

Any derogation from the above-stated points has to be regarded as defect. The gravity of the attitude towards defect has to be proportional to degree of its expressiveness.
Insignificant shortcomings: Wool of light yellow or pale-yellow shades on tips of ears, a back or the top part of a tail. Partial loss of pigmentation or spotty skin on a nose, lips and/or inking of eyes.

  • Congestion.
  • Too short (square) case.
  • Dogs in boughs type or boughs in kobeliny type.
  • Absence M3 more than two P1 are not taken into consideration.
  • the Hanging-down, semi-standing ears or ears in the form of a button.
  • Too inclined line of top.
  • the Twirled tail.
  • "Looplike" tail.
  • the Tail "hook" or constantly lifted above the line of a back.
  • the Soft, silky, pukhlyavy, curling wool long wool without underfur.
  • Accurately limited sites of a cervine color (light yellow or pale-yellow) on ears, a back or the top part of a tail.
  • excessive shyness or aggression.
  • blue eyes – one or both.
  • prominent eyes.
  • entropy,
  • ektropiya.
  • недокус or having a snack.
  • jaw distortion.
  • total absence of pigmentation on a nose,
  • lips and/or inking of eyes.
  • total absence of pigmentation on skin or on small pillows of paws.
  • albinism (lack of a pigment in skin).
of N.B. Dogs have to have two normal testicles which completely fell to a scrotum.

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