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About the fecial UKC standard of breed the American pit bull terrier reconsidered on October 21, 2004

Historical information

Approximately in the middle of the 19th century fans of dogs of England, Ireland and Scotland began to experiment with cross-countries between bulldogs and terriers, trying to receive that type of dogs which would combine a geymnost of a terrier with force and athleticism of a bulldog. The dog who personified all qualities necessary for the superfighter was as a result brought: force, unrestrained bravery, and, at the same time, softness and sensitivity in relation to those whom he loves. These dogs received when crossing bulldogs and terriers were brought by immigrants to the USA.

Numerous talents of pit bull terriers did not remain unnoticed and were estimated by farmers and owners of the ranch which used APBT as protective dogs as lovchy for capture of a half-civilized cattle and pigs, for hunting, transportation of goods and as partner for family. Today the American pit bull terriers continue to show the universality, trying to obtain progress in обидиенс, search service, dog agility, protective service, a veyt-pulling and also eksteryerny rings.

American pit bull terrier On a photo: the American pit bull terrier
of UKC was the first organization of the recognized and registered APBT. Onovatel UKC Bennett appropriated registration No. 1 to own APBT Bennets Ring in 1898

General impression

APBT – a dog of the average size, sturdily-build, short-haired, with smoothly outlined, well expressed muscles. Both the power, and athleticism are peculiar to this breed. The case is only slightly longer, than height in withers, but boughs can be slightly longer on the case, than dogs. Length of front extremities measured from an elbow joint to a floor is approximately equal to a half of height in withers. The head of average length with a wide flat skull and a wide deep muzzle.

The size of ears – from small to an average, the ears which are highly put can be not stopped or stopped. Rather short tail is low put, thick at the basis, narrowed to a tip.

The color of the American pit bull terrier can be all any (except a color мерль).

This breed combines force and athleticism with grace and mobility, and never has to look heavy, with poor muscles, thin-boned, excessively facilitated.

Characteristic of the American pit bull terrier

The main lines characterizing APBT are force, confidence, interest in life. Dogs of this breed seek to please and are overflowed with enthusiasm.

The American pit bull terriers are beautiful dogs partners for family, their love of children was always noted. Because of some level of aggression peculiar to the majority of APBT to dogs and because of their physical power, the pit bull terrier needs the owner who will attentively socialize and be engaged in an obedience course with a dog.

Thanks to natural dexterity they – some of the most capable among dogs to a lasagna and to clamber therefore the good protection is an indispensable condition for the content of this breed in the private house.

A pit bull terrier — not the best choice as a security dog because of extremely expressed friendliness, even in relation to strangers. Aggression to the person is not characteristic of breed and is extremely undesirable. This breed well studies various tricks since has high intelligence and desire to work.

The pit bull terrier always had potential for a wide range of various services therefore the redevelopment of separate lines or shortcomings of an exterior have to lead to decrease in assessment in proportion to extent of their influence on universality of use of a dog.

of Golov

The head of a pit bull terrier is unique and is a key element of pedigree type. It big and wide, giving feeling of huge force, but at the same time is not disproportional to the case of a dog. At survey in front the shape of the head reminds a wide stupid wedge.

At survey in a profile the line of top of a skull and muzzle are parallel each other and connected by well distinguishable, moderately deep stop. The Supraorbitalny or nadbrovny arches which are well developed, but not speakers. The head of accurate outlines, expresses force, elegance and character.

Cranial part. The skull is large, flat or slightly roundish, deep, wide between ears. At survey from above the skull is slightly narrowed towards stop.

In the middle there passes the groove which decreases on depth in the direction from stop to a nape. Cheeks with the acting muscles, but free from wrinkles. When the dog on something is concentrated on a forehead the wrinkles giving to a pit bull terrier peculiar only to it expression are formed.

the Muzzle wide and deep, is narrowed from stop to a nose, in a muzzle junction with a skull under eyes an easy zapadeniye. On length the muzzle is shorter than a skull, a ratio of length about 2: 3. The top line of a muzzle the direct, lower jaw which is well developed, wide and deep. Lips clean and skintight.
Shortcomings : Narrow muzzle, crude lips (bryla), weak lower jaw.
of APBT possesses a complete set of equal, white teeth. Nozhnitseobrazny bite.
Shortcomings : having a snack or недокус, the warped jaw, a nepolnozubost (does not treat cases of loss of teeth or removal by the veterinarian).
the Nose large, with wide, open nostrils. Pigmentation of a nose can be various options.
of an Eye
of an Eye of the average size, form – from round to almond-shaped, are widely placed and low located on a skull. All colors except for blue which is vicious are acceptable. Mucous (konyyuktiva) should not be visible.
Defects : pucheglazy, raznoglazy (not coincidence of color of eyes), blue eyes.
vysokoposazhena Ears can also be as not stopped and stopped (without any preference). At not stopped ears it is more preferable or semi-standing, in the form of a rose, standing or trailing wide ears are undesirable.
Neck of average length, brawny. In the field of a nape has an ill-defined bend. From a junction with a nape the neck gradually extends and passes into the shoulders which are well taken away back. A skin on a neck skintight, without suspension.
Shortcomings : too short and thick neck, thin or weak neck, sheep neck, suspension.
Front extremities
of the Shovel long, wide, brawny, well taken away back. The shoulder is approximately equal on length to a shovel and is connected to it at right angle.
Front extremities strong and brawny, elbows adjoin to the case. At survey in front, front extremities are perpendicular to a surface and are located at moderately wide distance from each other. Pyasti short, powerful, direct, flexible in joints. At survey in a profile – almost vertical.
Shortcomings : the direct or loaded shoulders, elbows twisted outside or inside, weak pyast, the bent front extremities, the twisted wrists, a clubfoot or are warmed up.
the Breast the deep, well filled, moderately wide, containing in itself heart and lungs, but at the same time breast width never has to exceed its depth. The front surface of a breast does not act too forward from a point of a shoulder (shoulder joint).
of the Edge are well extended back, well bent in the field of an otkhozhdeniye from a backbone, then become more flat, forming the deep breast reaching elbows. The back is strong, strong. The line of top leaves slightly down an inclined plane from withers to a wide brawny, equal back. The waist is the short, brawny, slightly bent to the top point grain, at the same time it already, than the thorax also is slightly raised. The croup is slightly squinted.
Back extremities
Back extremities strong, brawny, rather widely put. The hip is well filled from each party from a tail and deep from a basin to a crotch.
Skeletal muscular system and corners of back extremities are balanced on отношениюк to front extremities. Hips are well developed with powerful, relief muscles. At survey sideways skakatelny joints – with well expressed corners, insteps are taken well away back and perpendicular to a surface. At survey behind an instep straight lines are also parallel each other.
Shortcomings : Narrow posts of back extremities, bad fullness of area from a basin to a skakatelny joint, insufficiently developed muscles, lack of a corner or cherezmerno the expressed corner of a knee joint, a korovin, the crescent skakatelny joints bent by ZK (barrel-shaped posts).
of the Paw
of the Paw round, are proportional to the size of a dog, with well curved fingers, collected. Pillows are dense, rigid, elastic.
the Claw of an additional (fifth) finger can be removed.
Shortcomings : The dismissed paw.
the Tail is located in such a way that is natural continuation of the line of top, is narrowed to a tip. When the dog is in the quiet, weakened state, she holds a tail low, at the same time it reaches approximately skakatelny joints. At the movement of a dog she usually holds a tail at the level of a back. At excitement the tail can be lifted up, lifted up. But never it has to be bent by a hook over a back (a cheerful tail).
Shortcomings: a long tail (the tip of a tail comes for skakatelny joints).
Defects: A cheerful tail (not to confuse with the tail which is lifted up at excitement), a tail break.
Wool brilliant and smooth, dense, moderately rigid to the touch.
Shortcomings: Curly, wavy, rare wool.
is acceptable Any color, a color shade or a combination of flowers, except for a color мерль.
Growth and weight of the American pit bull terrier
the American pit bull terrier has to be at the same time powerful and dexterous therefore exact compliance to figures of weight and growth less important, than the correct proportions of weight and growth. Preferable weight for an adult dog in good standard is ranging from 35 up to 60 pounds (from 15.9 kg to 27.2 kg), preferable weight adult boughs in good standard between 30 and 50 pounds (from 13.6 kg to 22.7 kg).
of the Dog, a little exceeding this weight, should not be punished for it. Except for disproportional massiveness or an oblegchennost.
of the Movement
the Pit bull terrier moves vividly, cheerfully, with a sure bearing, very clearly expressing readiness any minute to see something new and concerning.
On a lynx of the movement without efforts, the smooth, filled with force, well coordinate, showing good scope of front extremities and a good push of back. At the movement the line of top remains equal, being slightly curved, showing elasticity and flexibility.
  • Unilateral or bilateral kriptorkhizm.
  • Malignancy or extreme shyness.
  • Unilateral or full deafness.
  • Scanty tail.
  • Albinism.
  • Colour мерль.
  • Dlinosherstnost.
Though some level of aggression to similar is characteristic of this breed, on UKC actions handlers have to be ready to passing of the test for temperament (upon the demand of the expert) according to the policy pursued by UKC.

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