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Out of FCI classification

Biver-york Standard of a Photo On a photo: biver-Yorkshire terrier

Standard of breed biver-Yorkshire terrier

GENERAL VIEW: the little, compact, harmoniously put and graceful dog with magnificent long absolutely direct wool, the falling elegant cloak on each side strong, good proportions of the case, forming a hair parting along all line of top from the head to the tail basis.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: it is delightful a live, cheerful, clever and self-assured dog, very contact and tender, with strong balanced character.

HEAD: small, in a good proportion to the case.

SKULL: flat, not roundish and not massive.

MUZZLE: not too long.

NECK: long, with a good exit, with a nape, not massive.

EYES: dark, the average size, brilliant, not convex, directly put, with clever, slightly crafty expression. Fringing century dark.

EARS: standing, are highly put, small, triangular shape, not widely put from each other. Are covered with short wool.

NOSE: lobe black.

TEETH: the bite nozhnitseobrazny, but is allowed also by a straight line. The lack of 2 premolyar is allowed.

EXTREMITIES: the Front absolutely direct forearms in parallel put, plentifully covered with wool are well created by
plechelopatochny joints, wide shovels with the correct inclination form rather short, hardly noticeable, withers.
Back absolutely direct, with well developed muscles, are plentifully covered with wool, corners of skakatelny joints, insteps low, hips and shins of one length, strong knee joints are well outlined. Paws are roundish, claws of black or white color.

CASE: very compact, with the flat line of top. Edges are moderately svodistny, sufficient length. The breast is lowered to elbows, a front part of a breast slightly supports plechelopatochny joints or on one with them lines.

TAIL: not stopped, is highly put, plentifully covered with wool.

WOOL: on the case reaches in length from withers of a dog to the earth, absolutely direct, with gloss, silk on texture, rather dense and dense, but not fluffy, does not hide a case proportion.

of Golov: options Are admissible: white – blue – gold or white – black – gold, it is desirable in good symmetry.

Case: options Are admissible: black – white or blue – white on all extent completely black or blue with a white jabot, without impregnation of gold color on the case, impregnations of white color are admissible. Front and back extremities and also stomach and breast white. White color on a breast extends to a neck and a chin. At survey in front white color on a cranial part of the head is optional. The muzzle can be gold with impregnations of dark hair.


Growth: about 22 cm are desirable, it is admissible plus 5 cm

Weight: from 2 to 3.1 kg. Additional 0.5 kg for a bough are admissible.

SHORTCOMINGS: any derogation from the above-stated points has to be regarded as a shortcoming. The gravity of the relation to a shortcoming has to be proportional to its degree.

— light eyes and depigmentation century

— not pigmented or partially pigmented nostrils

— visloukhost

— lack more than 3 premolyar in any combination

— the wavy or curly wool with a dense underfur which is not shining

— gold marks on a black or blue background on the case, asymmetrically located colors on the head, insufficiently widespread blue or black shabrack, almost white color of the case (more than 80% of white).


— having a snack or недокус, distortions of jaws

— short rare wool

— a color of a Yorkshire terrier or brought closer to it

— lack of black or blue marks on the case.

NOTE: dogs have to have two testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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