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Standard of breed German boxer of FCI No. 144, editorial office D (of 02.04.2001)




Dog partner, protective and user.


Group 2. Pinschers and schnauzers, molossa and Swiss sennenhunds.
Section 2.1. Molossa, dogoobrazny dogs.

With working tests.

Dog of Breed Boxer of a Photo

On a photo: dog of breed boxer


The small brabansky bullenbeyser is considered the direct ancestor of the boxer. At that time cultivation of bullenbeyser was in the basic in hands of hunters who used them for hunting. The problem of a bullenbeyser was to seize the animal who is tired out with hounds and to hold before arrival of the hunter which killed production. For this purpose the dog had to have whenever possible wider mouth with wide on point duty teeth really strong to bite and strong to hold. Each bullenbeyser having this sign first of all was used in the cultivation pursuing only the user aims. Thus breeding selection which gave a shirokomordy dog with the hitched-up nose lobe was made.


The boxer is a sleek-haired dense dog of average height with a compact, square trunk and strong frame. Muscles are dry, strongly developed and plastically acting. Movements are live, full forces and nobility. The boxer should not be neither clumsy, nor heavy, nor a poor body and a lung.


Ratio of length and height. A body of a square format, i.e. the lines drawn through extreme points: horizontal, through the highest point of withers, vertical — one through an extreme front point a shoulder of a scapular joint, another — through an extreme back point of a sciatic hillock, form a square.

A ratio of depth of a breast and height in withers. The breast reaches elbows. Depth it is equal to a half of height in withers.

Ratio of length of a muzzle and cranial part.

The muzzle length measured from a nose tip to a point between internal corners of eyes and length of a cranial part measured from a point between internal corners of eyes to an occipital hillock corresponds as 1:2.


The boxer possesses strong nervous system, self-assured, quiet and balanced. Its mentality has huge value and requires special attention. The boxer is famous for the affection and fidelity for the owner and family, the vigilance and fearlessness at their protection for a long time. He is tender with the, but is mistrustful to strangers, is cheerful and friendly in a game, but is fearless in the attack. He easily studies thanks to obedience, bravery and combative to qualities, natural playfulness and excellent charm. Being unpretentious and clean, he becomes the pleasant family member and is useful as the defender and the partner and also as a guard dog. Its character — honest and open, without falseness and insidiousness.

the HEAD
Gives to the boxer special originality, has to is in the correct proportion with a body and not to look neither easy, nor too heavy. The muzzle has to be the widest and a purse. Beauty of the head is provided with a proper correlation of a muzzle and a cranial part. At survey of the head from any position — from above, in front or sideways — the muzzle has to remain in the necessary proportion with a cranial part, the t.e never has to look too small. The head has to be dry, with skin without wrinkles. However wrinkles on a forehead develop spontaneously when the dog raises ears if the ears which are not stopped, at special attention. From the nose bridge basis on both sides fall constantly designated wrinkles. The black mask is limited to a muzzle, stands out on the general color clearly and should not give to the boxer gloomy expression. Cranial part. The top part of a skull has to be rather narrow and angular, have slightly convex, not spherical and not shortened form, not flat and not too wide. Occipital hillock not too high. The frontal furrow is only slightly designated and should not be too deep, especially between an eye.

the Forehead passes STOP
into a nose back with a distinct ledge. The back of a nose should not be lowered.


Nose lobe. Wide and black, slightly hitched up, nostrils wide. The tip of a nose is slightly above the basis.

Muzzle. The muzzle has to be volume in all three dimensions, t.е. should not be neither sharp, nor narrow, пи shortened or small. Its form is defined:

a) shape of jaws,

b) arrangement of canines,

c) shape of lips.

Canines have to be large in most widely placed, thanks to what the plane formed by a nose lobe, the front surface of lips and a chin appears broad, almost square shape and is located at an obtuse angle to a nose back. The first line of an upper lip is closed with a first line of a lower lip. A curved front part of the lower jaw together with a lower lip forms the expressed chin. It should not move forward strongly from under an upper lip or that is even less desirable, to be hidden by upper lips. The chin has to look accurately expressed as at survey in front, and sideways. At the closed mouth cutters and canines of the lower jaw should not be visible, besides, also language should not be visible. The groove in front of an upper lip is clearly noticeable


Give to a muzzle the complete form. The upper lip fleshy and thick, hides all free space which is formed at the expense of big are long the lower jaw, and is supported by the lower canines.


The lower jaw is longer than top and is slightly bent up. A bite form at the boxer — having a snack. The upper jaw wide at the basis is also only a little narrowed by the end. Teeth strong and healthy. Cutters are located whenever possible exactly, to one line, canines large and are widely placed.


Skulovaty muscles are developed according to powerful jaws, however should not act considerably — upon transition to a muzzle of a cheekbone form only an easy bend.


Dark, not small, not convex and not deeply put. Expression of eyes vigorous and intelligent also should not be menacing or prickly. Fringing century dark.


Have to be left in the natural form, have proportional size, the skulls which are highly put, located on each side the highest part, in a quiet state adjoin to cheeks. At a nastorazhivaniye ears turn forward, forming a distinct excess.


The crest of a neck falls elegantly exaggerated from an occipital hillock to withers. The neck has to be rather long, round, powerful, brawny and dry.


The boxer possesses a square format. The trunk leans on powerful pog.

the WITHERS are Well expressed to


The trunk from withers to a croup has to be short, strong, equal, wide and very brawny.


Slightly inclined, a little roundish, wide. Basin has to be long and wide, especially at a bough.


Deep, reaching elbows. Depth of a thorax is equal to a half of height in withers. A front part of a breast is well developed. Edges are well bent, but not barrel-shaped, stretch far back. The line of a bottom stretches back in an elegant bend. The groin is short, moderately tightened.


It is put rather highly, than low. It has to be left in the natural form * (* according to the decision of FCI in the countries where knocking over of tails and ears is not prohibited by the law, it is admissible and cannot be the cause of disqualification at exhibitions.)


Massive, at survey in front equal and parallel among themselves. Shovels long and slanting, skintight to the case, they should not be too brawny.

Shoulders are long, located at right angle to a shovel.

The elbows which are not too densely pressed to a breast, but are not set aside.

Forearms are located vertically, long, covered with dry muscles. Wrists are strong, are accurately designated, but not inflated.

Pyasti short, almost steep. Hinder legs are a little longer than lobbies, with close fingers. Small pillows are thick, with a dense sole.


Have very powerful relief muscles. At survey behind — equal. Hips long and wide. Corners of joints coxofemoral and knee whenever possible less stupid. Knees in a quiet state are so pushed forward that reach the perpendicular lowered from podvzdoshny hillocks to the earth.

Shins are very brawny. Skakatelny joints strong are perfectly expressed, but not inflated. The corner of a skakatelny joint makes about 140 degrees. Insteps are short, slightly inclined, at an angle 95-100 degrees to the earth. Paws are a little longer than lobbies, with close fingers. Small pillows are thick, with a dense sole.


The vigorous, executed forces and nobility.


Dry, elastic, without folds.


Short, skintight, rigid and brilliant.


Red or tiger. Red it is allowed any shades — from light yellow to red and cinnamon, however tone averages are most preferable (red and red). Black mask. The tiger color represents dark or black strips on a red background. Strips on the main background have to be contrastly outlined. White marks are not forbidden and can even decorate.


It is measured from withers on the perpendicular to the earth passing near an elbow: dogs of 57 — 63 cm, boughs of 53 — 59 cm


Dogs — more than 30 kg, boughs — approximately, 25 kg.


Any deviations from the above-stated characteristics are considered as shortcomings which assessment is in precisely harmony with degree of these deviations.


Aggression, malignancy, insidiousness, excess excitability, calmness, cowardice.

Недостаточное nobility and expressiveness, gloomy expression
pinchero-or buldogoobrazny structure of the head slyunyavost

teeth or language, barefaced at the closed mouth

the pointed or not rather volume muzzle

the lowered muzzle

light or spotty lobe of a nose

light eyes

not pigmented skin on the head

ears, not adjacent to cheekbones, standing, floor standing ears rosette

the warped lower jaw, the warped line of cutters, irregular arrangement

teeth, the underdeveloped or injured as a result of a disease teeth.

Short, thick, suspension.

the CASE
Excessively wide and too narrow breast a pro-hanging, humpbacked, narrow back the long, failed or humpbacked waist, a weak sheaf with a croup a sloping croup a narrow basin a pro-hanging stomach hollow sides low tail posts.


X-shaped posts, free elbows, soft pyast, the oval, flat or fluffed-up paws.


Weak muscles, too stupid and too acute angles of joints, a sablistost, barrel-shaped posts, the pulled together skakatelny joints, pribyly fingers, the oval, flat or fluffed-up paws.

of the Movement in a razvalka, a short step, an amble, stilted gait.

the COLOUR Musk's
, going beyond a muzzle, too dense or too rare tigrovina. insufficiently clean background, indistinct borders of strips, ugly white marks (for example, half white skull). The colors which are not provided by the standard and also the quantity of white marks exceeding a third of a surface of a body.

Dogs have to have two normally developed testicles completely lowered in a scrotum.

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