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Exists two kinds of a Welsh Corgi: cardigan and pembrok.

Standard of breed of a Welsh Corgi FCI No. cardigan 38 (24.06.1987)

Great Britain
Shepherd's dog
Group 1. Sheep-dogs and shepherd's dogs (excepting the Swiss shepherd's dogs).
Section 1. Sheep-dogs.
GENERAL VIEW: Strong, dense, mobile, hardy. Stretched, comes to an end with a tail as at a fox, located at the level of the case.
of FEATURE: Vigilant, vigorous and clever.
BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Vigilant, clever, balanced, not shy and not aggressive.
HEAD: the Head fox in a form and appearance, the cranium wide and flat between ears, is narrowed to eyes. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle is moderately expressed. Length of shchipets belongs to length of a cranial part as 3 to 5, the muzzle is gradually narrowed to slightly acting lobe of a nose and is not dulled in any way. The lower jaw is accurately outlined. Strong, but not acting. Nose lobe black.
to Fall: Teeth are strong, in a nozhnitseobrazny bite, i.e. upper teeth densely block lower and stand perpendicular to jaws.
of an EYE: Average size, clear, with the friendly, attentive, but alerted expression. Are quite widely put, corners of eyes are accurately expressed. Preferably dark or in tone of a shirt, an edge of the lids dark. It is allowed only to gray and marble dogs to have one or both eyes whitish or blue, partially or completely.
EARS: the dogs, Standing, quite large concerning the size, moderately wide in the basis are also put at distance about 9 cm (3.5 inches) from each other. The tips which are slightly rounded off. Ears keep so that their ends were located a little more widely, than the straight lines drawn from a nose lobe tip through the centers of eyes. Ears are put far back so that they could be stuffed up along a neck.
NECK: Brawny, well developed, proportional to the general addition, put in slanting shoulders.
BLOCK: Quite stretched and massive, with well svodisty edges, with accurately defined narrowing in a groin. The breast is deep, moderately wide, with the acting breast. Line of top equal.
FRONT PART: Shoulders slanting, brawny, a corner a shoulder - a scapular joint about 90 degrees. Lokotki adjoin sides. Frame massive to paws. Legs are short, but the case is clearly remote from the earth, forearms are slightly bent in a shape of a breast. Paws in an insignificant razmyot.
BACK PART: Massive, with well expressed corners of joints, extremities direct (at survey behind). Massive frame to paws. Short legs. In an instep rack steep both sideways, and behind.
of the PAW: Roundish, in a lump, quite large, with well developed small pillows. All hanging fingers have to be removed.
TAIL: It is similar to fox it is put according to the case, moderately long (concerns or almost concerns the earth). Keeps low in a rack, but it can be lifted up slightly above a back in the movement, will not throw on a back.
D of VIZhENIYa: Free and vigorous, elbows densely adjoin to sides, but are not stirred up and not tied. Front extremities are taken out well forward without too big lifting, in unison with jog activity of hind legs.
WOOL: Short or average length, rigid structure. Steady against bad weather, with a good underfur. Preferably direct.
COLOUR: Any color, with white marks or without them, but white color should not prevail.
SIZE: Ideal height in shoulders of 30 cm (12 inches). Weight corresponds to growth at primacy of the general harmony.
DEFECTS: Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be considered as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.
NOTE: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

Standard of breed of a Welsh Corgi pembrok of FCI No. 39 (28.11.2003)

Great Britain
Group 1. Sheep-dogs and shepherd's dogs (excepting the Swiss shepherd's dogs).
Section 1. Sheep-dogs.
Without shepherd's testing.
Welsh Corgi a Pembrok at a Photo Exhibition On a photo: a Welsh Corgi a pembrok at an exhibition
GENERAL VIEW: the stocky, powerful, strong, vigilant and live dog, at small dimensions makes an impression of thoroughness and fortress
CHARACTERISTIC : courageous and dexterous
TEMPERAMENT: judicious and friendly, not nervous and not aggressive
HEAD: the head is similar to fox in a form and an impression, with live, clever expression. A skull between ears rather broad and flat, moderately expressed transition from a forehead to a muzzle. Length of a muzzle belongs to skull length as 3:5. The muzzle comes to an end with an easy point. Nose lobe black.
MUZZLE / BITE: powerful jaws with an excellent, uniform and polnozuby nozhnitseobrazny bite, at the same time the top number of cutters comes without gap before lower, teeth stand in a jaw vertically.
of an EYE: well put, round, the average size, brown, approach under tone of a color
EARS: vertically standing, the average size, slightly rounded off. The imagined straight line from a nose lobe through an eye has to pass in the continuation through top of an ear or absolutely nearby.
NECK: in proportion long
CASE: average length, edges with the good arch, a waist not short, at a look from above slightly narrowed. Direct back. A breast wide and deep, well lowered between front extremities.
TAIL: short, preferably natural.
Stopped: short
not stopped: in one line with the case, rushes low, does not twist on a back. In the movement – on one line with the line of a back, below – in a quiet state. Tail posts are undesirable too low or too high.
FRONT EXTREMITIES: short and as much as possible direct. Shoulders densely adjoin to the thorax arch. Bones massive up to paws. Elbows are densely driven to case sides, at the same time are not free, but also not too closely adjoin. Shovels are well located and form a corner of 90 degrees with humeral bones.
BACK EXTREMITIES: the powerful and flexible, well expressed corners of knee joints. Insteps are steep, with massive frame. Skakatelny joints at a look behind direct
of the PAW: oval, powerful, well close, densely collected fingers, both middle fingers cost slightly ahead two external. Small pillows are thick, dense. Short claws.
of the MOVEMENT: free and active, not stirred up, but also not connected. Front extremities are well taken out forward, but rise at the same time is low according to a push of back extremities.
WOOL: average length, the straight line with a dense underfur, is not ALLOWED soft, wavy or excessively rigid (as a wire) wool.
COLOUR: monophonically red, sable, cervine, black with subdead, with white marks on extremities, a breast and a neck or without them. Small white marks on the head and a muzzle are admissible.
GROWTH/WEIGHT: height in withers about 25.4 up to 30.5 cm. Weight: dogs of 10 — 12 kg, boughs of 10 — 11 kg.
SHORTCOMINGS: any deviation from the called points has to be considered as a shortcoming which assessment has to be in an exact ratio with degree of this deviation.
Any dog showing physical or behavioural anomaly has to be disqualified.
NOTE: at dogs has to be two obvious, normally developed a testicle which have to be in a scrotum completely.
This standard is considered valid since April, 2004.

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