• Jan 14, 2020

Standard of the Central Asian sheep-dog of FCI No. 335

FCI CLASSIFICATION: Group 2 Pinschers and schnauzers, molossa, and Swiss mountain skotogonny dogs

Dogoobraznye section 2.1

The Central Asian Sheep-dog at a Photo Exhibition

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

The Central Asian sheep-dog — the dog of large growth, strong, courageous, with self-respect, unpretentious, easily adapts to various climatic conditions that allows to use dogs of this breed for different types of services.

The tough person of addition, with massive frame and powerful muscles. Skin thick, low-elastic, with well developed hypodermic cellulose, often forms a suspension on a neck and a dewlap. The format which is a little stretched more at a bough than at dogs. The lower limit of growth for dogs of 65 cm, for a bough — 60 cm. Larger growth at proportional addition is desirable. The sexual type is well expressed. Dogs are larger also massivny a bough.

Possesses innate sense of the owner and territoriality.


The behavior is sure, balanced and quiet. Characteristic reaction — defensive in an active form.

The serious shortcomings considerably reducing the breeding value of a dog are the uncertain behavior, excessive excitability.


Proportional to the general addition, massive, wide in a cranial part, with the developed, but not acting cheekbones and poorly expressed nadbrovny arches. The occipital hillock is smoothed at the expense of well developed muscles. The forehead flat or slightly roundish, transition from a forehead to a muzzle is poorly expressed. The muzzle is stupid, lengths of a cranial part, well filled under eyes, wide and deep in the basis, almost not narrowed to a nose lobe are slightly shorter. At survey in front and in a profile has a rectangular shape, from above — from rectangular to the massive, almost not narrowed wedge. Lower jaw massive, wide. The fleshy full lips which are completely closing the lower jaw. Nose lobe large, black. At a white and light-pale-yellow color the clarified nose lobe is allowed.

It is undesirable: strongly expressed skladchatost of skin on the head the crude lips forming bryl the clarified nose lobe at any colors except white and light-pale-yellow.


Small, triangular shape, trailing, low put — the basis of ears at the level or is slightly lower than the line of eyes. Are shortly stopped at puppyish age.


Small, an oval form, directly, widely and deeply put. Eyelids are rather dry, existence of the expressed third century is allowed.

The full inking is desirable a century.

The crude eyelids baring a part skler are undesirable.


White, large, skintight to each other, in a complete set (42 teeth). The first is allowed dual премоляр. Cutters at the basis are located to one line. Bite nozhnitseobrazny

It is undesirable, but is admissible a straight line on hooks the bite at dogs is more senior than three years at age deleting of teeth.

Existence of the broken cutters which are not preventing definition of a bite does not influence assessment of a dog.


Powerful, almost roundish in section, wide at the basis, it is approximately equal to head length. It is delivered at an angle 35 — 40 degrees to the line of a back. Let's allow a suspension.


The breast lowered to the line of elbows or below, long, wide, in the section of rounded shape. Edges roundish, false edges are well developed. A front part of a breast is well developed and acts in relation to a shoulder forward - to scapular joints. General impression of massiveness of a front part of the building can amplify at the expense of the expressed dewlap. The belt is moderately tightened a little above the lower line of a breast. The withers are high, rather short, it is sharply allocated. Height in withers is slightly more or is equal to height in a sacrum. The back is strong, direct, wide, with well developed muscles. The waist is short, wide, brawny, slightly convex. A croup wide, brawny, with a small inclination, moderately long.


High-put, thick in the basis. Not stopped tails are allowed, they have the crescent form and reach skakatelny joints.


At survey in front — straight lines, widely are also in parallel put. Shovels are long, are put obliquely. Humeral bones long, slantwise put. A corner a shoulder - a scapular joint about 100 degrees. Shoulders are brawny, forearms massive, in section roundish, direct, are put deeply under the case. Pyasti massive, strong, slightly inclined. Length of a front leg to an elbow is a little more or is equal to a half of height of a dog in withers.


At survey behind direct and parallel, are put slightly more widely than lobbies. Hips wide with well developed muscles. Femurs of average length, are put with a small inclination. Shins of average length. Insteps of average length, massive, steeply put. The corners of knee and skakatelny joints which are moderately expressed and accurately outlined.


Large, oval, svodisty in a lump. Pribyly fingers have to be removed.


Wool rough, direct, with well developed underfur. Depending on length of wool distinguish two types of a wool cover:

with short (4 — 5 cm) a skintight ostevy hair without signs of the bathroom of wool

with long (7 — 8 cm) an ostevy and integumentary hair and the wool developed by the bathroom on ears, a neck, back sides of extremities, a tail.


White, black, black and subdead with the correct drawing of burn marks, gray, pale-yellow, red, tiger, spotty, skewbald, three-colored.


Characteristic paces are the wide, not creeping lynx and gallop. At the movement joints of front and back extremities are freely unbent, withers, a back, a waist and a croup slightly spring and are at one level.


Dryness or friability of addition, vysokonogost, bednokostnost. Head short, easy, disproportionate to the case. A convex forehead, sharply expressed skulastost, sharp transition from a forehead to a muzzle. A nose lobe spotty, brown or pink (not to confuse with the clarified nose lobe at white or light-pale-yellow colors). Highly put (the basis of ears is on the line of a forehead) not stopped ears. The convex, round, close put eyes. The small, rare, strongly destroyed teeth. Lack of one tooth. High-ranking neck. Flat, narrow, small, underdeveloped breast. Pro-hanging or humpbacked back. The flat, narrow, sunk-down waist. Narrow, short, sharply sloping croup. Sharply expressed vysokozadost. Short shovels, direct shoulders, weak ligaments of elbow and carpal joints. The Sablistost, excessively straightened corners of knee and skakatelny joints. Narrow posts of extremities. Related or unbalanced movements. Not adjusted amble.


Cowardice, holerichnost, uncontrollable aggression. Dogs in boughs type. Kriptorkhizm full or unilateral, underdeveloped testicles. All deviations from a nozhnitseobrazny bite, except stipulated by the standard. Blue eyes, eyes of different color. Soft, curly, wavy wool. Cheprachnny at any burn marks, genetically caused brown (at a brown lobe of a nose, centuries, lips and light eyes) and ash-gray (at a gray lobe of a nose, centuries, lips and light eyes) marble at any main background. Weak fixing ("sharnirnost") of joints.

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