• Mar 4, 2019

Eating by dogs of the or someone else's excrement meets quite often. The pet can do it secretly or defiantly, at home or on street walk. Regardless of where it occurs and is how frequent, the similar phenomenon considers most of people an aberration. Than their strange behavior why dogs like to eat excrement can speak, it is worth learning that it will allow to hold adjustment events in due time.


When eating is considered norm

Eating the calla dogs carries the name "koprofagiya". In some situations the use the calla by pets is considered norm. After the birth of puppies it is possible to notice what a bough actively begins to eat kcal of cubs, and is considered pathology lack of similar actions . In process of growing puppies begin to imitate mother that often is expressed in eating of excrement.

Dog with Puppies

If not to prevent similar manifestations, then they can develop into a habit what it will be much more difficult to cope with.

food Shortcomings

The elementary deficiency of vitamins and nutrients can force a dog to look for sources of their completion in other places including to use for this purpose own or others waste of activity. Excrement of farm animals contains a large number of elements:


  • a protein — from 10 to 20%;
  • fat — 5%;
  • cellulose — 40%;
  • soluble carbohydrates — 35%.

If the dog suddenly began to look for any opportunity for eating a calla, then first of all it is worth paying attention to quality of its food .

of Sterns of the pet has to be balanced and correspond to his age features.

of the Reason of a koprofagiya at dogs

Eating of excrement by pets can be caused not only by the reasons of physiological character, but also psychological deviations. The calla animals is among the most widespread reasons of the legend:

Scared Dog

  • uncertainty and fear — the pet tries "to liquidate" traces of the stay;
  • loneliness and a lack of attention — the animal quickly understands with what actions it is possible to attract the owner therefore at deficiency of caress begins to do it in the way, available to it;
  • education problems — insufficient training leads to the fact that the animal begins to select any objects including activity waste;
  • search of new feelings and toys — the kcal is perceived by the pet as a new way of entertainment that it becomes even more interesting at the sight of unusual reaction of the owner in the form of attempts to select a subject.


It is possible to fix a problem only after of elimination of the prime causes of a situation . It is recommended to pay to the pet more attention and caress, to provide it sufficient time for games and physical activity. Passing of a course of training at the professional instructor will help to impart "good" habits and education.

If the dog likes to eat excrement, then it is necessary to look for the reasons in the mode of feeding and psychological state of the pet, but not to go in cycles in questions of behavior and punishment.

In the nature of animals is put property of submission to the instincts, they are curious and seek to explore the world around constantly.

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