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Pancreatitis in dogs occurs also often, as well as in people. Normal at dogs the pancreas produces enzymes for digestion of food. They are allocated in a 12-perstny gut. But when developing pancreatitis this process is broken.

Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatitis at Dogs
Pancreatitis in dogs occurs also often, as well as in people.

That represents pancreatitis

Pancreatitis call the inflammatory process arising in a pancreas. As a result of it activity of a gastrointestinal tract of an animal is broken. In an organism of a dog the enzymes necessary for splitting of a forage cease to be emitted. Food ceases to be digested normally, and the organism begins to suffer from the shortage of nutrients.

In spite of the fact that enzymes are not emitted in a 12-perstny gut, in a pancreas their development continues. There are destructive processes as gland begins itself to digest.

Pancreatitis at animals can become the reason of other serious diseases ( diabetes). Many bodies and systems suffer from the toxins which are formed at destruction of a pancreas.

of the Reason of pancreatitis at dogs (video)

of the Cause

Veterinarians allocate several reasons of development of a disease. the Major factors having negative effect on work of a pancreas at dogs are:

  • improper feeding;
  • infectious diseases;
  • uncontrolled intake of medicines;
  • heredity.

Most of dog breeders and veterinarians consider that badly made diet which is not considering basic needs of dogs serves as the main cause of infringement of activity of a GIT. Each owner of a dog needs to remember that these animals are predators and have to eat crude meat.

If to pay attention to their feeding, then now the most part of a diet is made by not crude meat, but boiled. Also owners often give to the pets porridges, smoked products, food from the table. Such feeding in most cases leads to diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatitis at Dogs
Most of dog breeders and veterinarians consider that badly made diet which is not considering basic needs of dogs serves as the main cause of infringement of activity of a GIT.

The GIT of dogs is intended for digestion of crude meat. Without receiving enough this product, the organism of a dog cannot spend completely the enzymes which are produced for its splitting. As a result activity of a pancreas is broken, and pancreatitis develops.

also infectious diseases can contribute to the Development of pathology. Inflammation begins because of penetration of pathogenic organisms into a GIT. The strong risk is created by intestinal infections.

Sometimes various violations in an organism happen also at dogs to high immunity, properly eating. In that case doctors speak about genetic predisposition of an animal to a certain disease. Therefore if in a family tree of a dog pancreatitis met, then to her owner it is strongly recommended to follow rules of feeding. Some breeds are inclined to emergence of violations of a GIT. For example, pancreatitis often occurs in a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkshire terrier).

Very dangerously at emergence of any symptoms of an indisposition at the pet independently to appoint to it treatment. Incorrectly picked up drugs can not facilitate but only to worsen a condition of an animal. Their uncontrolled application also is the frequent reason of pancreatitis at dogs. For prevention of medicamentous poisoning and its consequences the owner of a dog has to ask for the help the expert.

Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatitis at Dogs

disease Symptoms

The course of a disease depends on its form. Distinguish sharp and chronic forms of pancreatitis. Sharp pancreatitis at dogs is characterized by speed of emergence. Symptoms of a disease develop suddenly and have bright manifestation. At the sharp course of pathology perhaps complete recovery of work of a GIT (changes of gland are reversible).

the Chronic form is characterized by poorly expressed symptomatology. Signs of an indisposition appear gradually, and changes in iron are irreversible (there is its dying off). Usually chronic pancreatitis is a consequence of other diseases and begins long before emergence of visible symptoms. In the started cases there are such complications as sepsis, peritonitis, oncology, etc.

Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatitis at Dogs

the following symptoms of pancreatitis at a dog are Often shown:

  • severe vomiting (especially after feeding);
  • slackness, weakness;
  • refusal of a forage;
  • drowsiness;
  • abdominal distension;
  • painful feelings when pressing on a stomach;
  • high sugar in blood.

Sometimes increase in sugar in blood because of what the inexperienced doctor can mistakenly diagnose diabetes is sign of pathology. Such symptom is explained by the fact that inflammation forces a pancreas to stop emitting not only enzymes, but also insulin. Diabetes often is a consequence of chronic pancreatitis.

it is important to Owner to notice as soon as possible symptoms of a disease and to ask for the help the veterinarian. the Expert will be able truly to diagnose pancreatitis for a dog on symptoms, and treatment at competent approach is capable to restore work of a gastrointestinal tract of the pet.

Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatitis at Dogs

Diagnostics and treatment

Blood test on contents enzymes in it are not a reliable research. In the presence of sharp pancreatitis the level of enzymes in blood can be normal. Aberrations can speak not only about this pathology, but also about enteritis and other violations of a digestive tract.

Therefore diagnosis of a disease has to be complex. The doctor is obliged to consider all symptoms at an animal and data of such researches as biochemical blood test, ultrasonography and radiological research GIT of a dog.

Only the expert has to solve, than treat a disease. In the presence of long vomiting the veterinarian gives to a dog antiemetic medicines in the form of injections. Then to an animal droppers are put. Blood washing by physiological solution allows to normalize water-salt balance (to avoid dehydration). Medicamentous therapy includes anti-inflammatory medicines, analgetics, and in certain cases and antibiotics. Sometimes the doctor appoints Pancreatinum (fermental means).

How to treat pancreatitis at dogs (video)

Further treatment of pancreatitis in most cases does not demand surgical manipulations from dogs and is carried out in a house situation. As an important condition of recovery of the pet serves the correct feeding. Many doctors recommend an animal not to feed within 1 day, and only to give to drink clear water. This recommendation is relevant at a sharp form of pathology.

The diet at pancreatitis at dogs consists of digestible products. The fractional mode of feeding at which the dog eats often and small portions is provided. It is necessary to exclude all fat products (pork, eggs, fermented milk products of high fat content, etc.) from a diet. Food of a dog at pancreatitis has to be based on low-fat meat (it needs to be given at least in small amounts). Fermented milk products of low fat content are resolved.

At first you should not feed the pet with porridges. Their quantity in a diet of a dog has to be limited. It is impossible to feed her from the table at all. Owners, whose animals got used to dry feeds, are recommended to translate them on special dog food having GIT diseases.

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