• Jul 4, 2019

the Color or mutational alopetion (full or partial loss of wool) is also called a syndrome of a blue Dobermann terrier. The causes are connected with genetic problems and not only with them, and the disease not only occurs in representatives of this breed. The disease is not congenital and can affect any dog who was born with normal wool, but having the weakened pigmentation.

Breeds of Dog at Which the Mutating Alopetion Meets

Symptoms of a disease

The dog loses wool two times a year when fades. But if the house favourite began to grow bald catastrophically not during a molt season, э that indicates the begun problems in work of a dog organism , and the owner should find out origin of an alopetion and to immediately begin treatment.

such breeds as are subject to the Greatest risk:

Syndrome of a blue Dobermann terrier: main reasons for emergence

  • Dobermann terrier;
  • bulldog;
  • poodle;
  • Staffordshire terrier;
  • zwergpinscher;
  • Labrador;
  • Irish setter.

the Main symptom of a disease — a wool cover of a dog looks as if it was eaten by a moth, from skin the unpleasant smell proceeds, and on the grown bald sites papules and pustula are formed.

of the Reason of loss of wool

Often the dog grows bald at hormonal failure (Cushing's syndrome, a giperestrogeniye, a gipoestrogenizm, low level of hormone of growth, гипотериоз), but are available also other , not less good reasons of a syndrome of a blue Dobermann terrier:

The Reasons of Loss of Wool at Dogs

Seborrhea at Dogs

Treatment of Dogs in House Conditions

  • Avitaminosis, arises from the shortage of vitamin B.
  • Allergy to a forage or medicines.
  • The stress can also cause wool loss, for example, after the fight with the relative, visits of the doctor or moving on the new residence.
  • Barmy infections most often arise at Shar-Peis or bulldogs.
  • Itch (wool drops out on the defeat centers a scabby tick).
  • Cutting deprive (trichophytia) — the fungus affecting all skin of a dog.
  • Seborrhea — skin is shelled, becomes covered by gray scales and drops out.
  • Solar dermatitis — except full baldness, on skin ulcers also develop.
  • Adenit sebaceous glands — the main reason for baldness of poodles.
  • Demodekoz — hair die off because of penetration into hair follicles of a tick.
  • A pregnant alopetion — wool drops out at a bough during pregnancy (hormonal reorganization of an organism).
  • Black акантоз — sites in armpits, ears, in skin folds grow bald, skin becomes black color and exhales an unpleasant smell.
  • The wrong care of a dog the means which are not intended for animals (human shampoos or means for washing of ware).

And also owners should know that of one of the main reasons for baldness is considered dog clothes . It is not necessary to dress pets in warm season as skin of a dog overheats under clothes that steadily provokes wool loss.

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