• Dec 11, 2019
the First techka at boughs of a beagle comes, as a rule, in 6 – 12 months and there pass 2 times a year. Techka duration at a beagle – 7 – 28 days. During a techka of a bough it is capable to become pregnant.
According to rules of the Belarusian film logical association, the first knitting can take place boughs of a beagle in 18 months, a dog – in 15 months. However many owners prefer not to allow in cultivation of dogs 2 - 2.5 years are younger.
Remember that pregnancy is not an improving action, but the most severe stress for an organism therefore only ideally healthy beagles have to participate in cultivation.
On average pregnancy of a beagle lasts 63 days, however there can be a break off from 53 to 71 days.
Signs of the coming childbirth at a beagle (one day before the beginning):
  • Future mother refuses food.
  • the Bough worries, tears a laying to build a nest.
  • Body temperature falls.
As soon as you will see similar signs, be not too lazy to call the veterinarian and to warn that it just in case was in touch. It is also good to have near at hand the phone number of the experienced manufacturer that if something goes not so, you did not remain alone with troubles.
 Puppies of a beagle of a photo Puppies of a beagle: The photo is provided by nursery Medzhik Lyne.

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