• Dec 12, 2019
the First techka at a Border Collie comes in 6 — 12 months and there pass 2 times a year. On average, duration is 2 weeks, but can vary from 7 to 28 days. During a techka of a Border Collie can become pregnant.
 a Border Collie Puppy On a photo: Border Collie Puppy
Boughs of a Border Collie are allowed to cultivation from 18 months, dogs — from 15 months. However many prefer to wait until to a dog 2 — 2.5 years are executed.

Remember that pregnancy is not improving process, and, on the contrary, the most severe stress for an organism. Therefore only ideally healthy dogs are allowed to cultivation.

Pregnancy lasts, as a rule, 63 days, but the break off can make from 53 to 71 days.
Is important that the dog moved, but did not overtire. You should not concern future mother needlessly and to carry on a long distance.
At a Border Collie, as well as at any other dogs, can be observed false pregnancy. This state at which not impregnated a bough shows signs of pregnancy: equips a nest, even endures "fights". As a rule, at the sterilized dogs false pregnancy does not occur.
If came false pregnancy, remove toys, limit consumption of proteins. If the problem is not solved, address the veterinarian: false pregnancy can signal about presence of a disease (for example, liver dysfunctions).
If you decided to act as
personally as the obstetrician, prepare everything in advance. The room has to be quiet, warm, but at the same time well aired. In advance think of the equipment: a box for puppies, an infrared lamp for heating, disposable diapers, a bottle with warm water or a hot-water bottle, towels (at the rate of 1 piece on a puppy), disposable diapers, the thermometer, means for washing of hands, small bottles, nipples, milk substitute, a lead, a collar, a muzzle, glucose solution.
Surely you hold near at hand the phone number of your veterinarian and/or experienced manufacturer to consult in case of complications.
Before childbirth behavior of a dog changes. She does not eat, worries, tries to do a nest. If you observe these signs, so prior to a significant event remained less than a day.
Put on a dog a collar (just in case) further if everything goes well, try not to disturb.
If something goes not so, do not hesitate to ask for the help.
Remember that a dog in state of shock therefore her behavior can change. Tenderly talk to her if she is nervous, calm.

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