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 a poodle with puppies on a blue background of a photo

On a photo: a poodle with puppies


at a poodle

The first techka at a poodle comes in 6 – 12 months. Passes twice a year (there are exceptions) and from 7 to 28 days last (on average – two weeks). At this time a bough can become pregnant.

The cycle is endured in 4 stages:



of Allocation



of 4 - 9 days


Dogs during this period are interested in boughs, but without reciprocity.


of 4 - 13 days

of yellowish color

of the Bough becomes favorable to representatives of "stronger sex", conception is possible. If you touch a tail of "lady", she takes it aside and raises a basin.


of 60 - 150 days

of the Bough ceases to admit dogs. At the beginning of this period the false shchennost is possible.


from 100 to 160 days

the activity of ovaries Decreases. There are no essential external signs.

Pregnancy at a poodle

According to rules of the Belarusian film logical association to knit to a bough dwarfish and that is a poodle it is possible in 15 months, dogs — from 12 months. Boughs of a small and big poodle are allowed to cultivation in 18 months, dogs — from 15 months. However you should not hurry, it is better to wait until to a dog 2 years are executed at least. If the dog is more senior than 4 - 5 years, pregnancy and childbirth can be connected with complications.

"Pregnancy for health" is one of the most dangerous myths by many owners!

Pregnancy is not improving process. It is a severe stress and load of the immune system and internals. Therefore only ideally healthy dog has to give birth.

As a rule, pregnancy of a poodle lasts 63 days. The maximum break off – from 53 to 71 days, in this case puppies are born viable.

1. At an early stage (the first 3 weeks are viscous later) it is impossible to define whether she is pregnant a bough.

2. On the 4th week by means of ultrasonography it is possible to estimate approximate quantity of puppies.

3. On the 5th week of a side become more convex (sometimes the sign is absent till 7th week), skin of nipples becomes lighter.

4. On the 6th week of puppies it is possible to probe. After that the size of fruits increases, nipples become softer and more.

it is better than

of if the palpation is carried out by the veterinarian, it is independently possible to damage fruits, especially at dogs of small breeds.

During pregnancy the dog has to move, but not overtire. Future mother you should not concern, make without emergency long trips by car or on public transport, to keep in the noisy close room. If during pregnancy at a dog the state suddenly changed, she began to refuse food, temperature rose or allocations from genitals appeared, it is worth addressing the veterinarian.

The second half of pregnancy can be characterized by insignificant mucous allocations. Allocations become plentiful, or greenish – means yellowish, childbirth comes nearer. For 1 – 2 day before childbirth the dog begins to worry, whine, lick genitals, to scratch walls or a floor. Pulse, breath, urination become frequent. The dog refuses a forage and constantly drinks.

False pregnancy at a poodle

False pregnancy — the widespread phenomenon at dogs of all breeds, including at poodles. So call a psycho-physiological state at boughs which was not impregnated, but at the same time shows signs of pregnancy. The dog in this case diligently equips "nest", can even endure something similar to fights. As a rule, false pregnancy is observed at dogs with irregular knittings and is connected with violations of hormonal development.

If a dog to sterilize

of , false pregnancy does not occur!

If bough began to show signs of false pregnancy, it is necessary to remove toys. Self-licking of nipples strengthens manifestation of symptoms of false pregnancy. It can prevent, having put a collar and a body cloth on a dog. Limit consumption of proteins.

If bough shows aggression, extreme excitement or physical problems appear (for example, mastitis), drugs will be necessary. Address the veterinarian.

False pregnancy can be a disease symptom (a gipoterioza or dysfunctions of a liver).

At frequent strong manifestations of false pregnancy it is necessary to address to clinic for inspection. Most likely, to you will suggest to take a blood test on biochemistry and hormones.

Childbirth of a poodle

It is necessary to prepare all necessary in advance. Rodzal has to be warm, aired and quiet and also convenient for the person – you should spend a lot of time there. One week prior to estimated childbirth move to a bough in "rodzat", it has to get used to this place.

Prepare a box for newborns (on sale there are special plank beds). Also it is required to you: an infrared heating lamp, disposable pelenka, a hot-water bottle or a plastic bottle with warm water, cotton wool, cotton rags, towels (pieces 8), means for washing of hands, the thermometer, milk substitute, a small bottle and nipples, a muzzle, a collar, a lead, glucose solution.

You hold in a visible place the phone number of the veterinarian.

One day before the event the dog refuses food, body temperature falls. A bough becomes uneasy, tears a laying – does a nest.

needs to watch closely a dog that she did not get into a hard-to-reach spot.

When childbirth begins, call the veterinarian – warn that he was in touch just in case. Put on a collar on a bough. Your task – to sit quietly and not to fuss is farther. You can practice yoga or meditate.

of the Stage of childbirth






about 12 - 24 hours

the Neck of the uterus relaxes and extends, there is a slime, skhatka without attempts, temperature is lowered

the Dog worries, often changes the position, looks back at a stomach, breath frequent, vomiting is admissible


it is normal of

till 24 o'clock

amniotic waters Depart, temperature is normalized, belly walls are strained, fights will mix up with attempts, patrimonial ways leave puppies

the Dog ceases to worry, often breathes, lays down in one place, makes an effort, after an exit of a fruit breaks off an afterbirth and licks a puppy


the afterbirth or places or a children's part of a placenta Leaves. Usually, after the puppy birth, in 10-15 minutes there is an afterbirth. Sometimes leave a little, after 2-3 puppies.

of the Bough seeks to eat all afterbirths, do not allow it to do. One-two — the maximum, differently can be intoxication (a diarrhea, vomiting).

The puppy is born in "packing" — a transparent film which is called an afterbirth. Usually a bough breaks off it and eats. Be not frightened – it is normal, she will not eat a puppy.

do not resolve

of a bough there is an afterbirth if it greenish-black color with putrefactive a smell.

You watch quantity of afterbirths, them had to as much how many and puppies. The afterbirth can sometimes remain inside and to leave only at the end of childbirth.

If at least one afterbirth remains to inside — it is fraught for boughs inflammation (metritis). If you are not sure that all afterbirths left, surely bring a dog to ultrasonography.

The puppy can be born when he costs a bough. It falls to the ground, but, as a rule, it is harmless. Intervention is justified only if mother shocked, ignores cubs or attacks them. In this case call the experienced manufacturer – he will prompt what to do.

Something went wrong …

If mother tries to attack puppies, muzzle on it and you carry away each puppy out of audibility limits. Delete a film, wipe a puppy with a towel, eliminate slime from a mouth and nostrils with the syringe. If the puppy does not breathe, try to pound him a towel. Sometimes artificial respiration is required — carefully inhale air in a mouth and a nose of a puppy. The thorax has to rise at the same time. Repeat a breath each 2-3 seconds until the puppy begins to breathe. Place puppies in a cardboard box with a hot-water bottle. You watch that kids did not burn.

Remember that a dog in state of shock, talk to her tenderly, calm.

After the end of childbirth when a bough has a rest and will drink milk with glucose, try to present it puppies once again. Put mother sideways, hold the head, stroke. The second person can bring to a nipple of a puppy. If bough accepted a puppy, it is possible to enclose the others accurately. But continue to hold it.

Even if everything is good, it is not necessary to relax. After feeding clean puppies, wash up them the back. If the dog quietly licks puppies, you can choose: to risk to leave them on its care or to carry away a box and to return to the following feeding.

Sometimes during the first hours after the delivery because of shock of a bough ignores puppies: refuses to feed, wash or remain with them. Here the bough should force to feed puppies, but you should wash kids. Massage (clockwise) area of a crotch the cotton wool moistened in warm water to stimulate allocation a calla and urine.

Sometimes a bough tries to kill posterity. But it is better all the same to force it to feed puppies. Muzzle on it and record in lying situation. One person can hold it, and the second to put puppies to nipples. Artificial feeding will not replace maternal milk therefore use it only as the last resort.

Puppies need full feeding each 2 hours.

As a rule, sooner or later a bough nevertheless accepts puppies. Cases when hatred is resistant, are extremely rare.

Caution: Whatever it happened even if bough will eat all kids, do not accuse it. The birth of puppies was your idea, and you forced to give rise to a bough. She does not understand that she does, hormonal failures and shock force it to behave in the way absolutely unusual for it.

Possible complications

Cesarean section – surgical extraction of puppies when they cannot be born naturally. If you leave puppies within reach of departing from an anesthesia boughs, it can kill them.

Eklampsiya – the dairy fever connected with a lack of calcium. Symptoms: concern, a semiconscious state, throwings, sometimes – spasms. The injection of calcium is capable to work wonders in this case.

Mastitis – a bacterial infection of mammary glands. Symptoms: temperature, lack of appetite. The affected nipple hot, hurts and swells. Consultation of the veterinarian and antibiotics is required.

A metritis – inflammation of a uterus after the delivery. Reasons: afterbirth delay, trauma or dead puppy. Symptoms: dark allocations, loss of appetite, high temperature. Urgent treatment is required by antibiotics, it is possible – the analysis of dab.

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