• Dec 5, 2019
, pregnancy and childbirth of the English bulldog are in many respects similar to techky, pregnancy and childbirth at other dogs .
However is the features inherent in English bulldog.

Techka at the English bulldog

the First techka at boughs of the English bulldog comes in 7 — 10 months and passes, as a rule, twice a year. A month before a techka you will see changes: the dog will become more playful and less obedient.

to save sofas and carpets, it is possible to put shorts on a dog. Try to walk with the favourite less, only that she could celebrate need.

the strongest hunting — from 9 to 15 day (sometimes from 7 to 17 days). Then a bough itself tries to attract dogs.

Pregnancy at the English bulldog

can Knit the bough of the English bulldog when it reaches 18 months (by rules of the Belarusian film logical association), a dog — from 15 months. However many consider that it is better to wait until to a dog 1 year 8 months is executed at least.
" pregnancy for health" is one of the most dangerous myths by many owners!
Pregnancy is not improving process. It is a severe stress and load of the immune system and internals. Therefore only ideally healthy dog has to give birth.
In the first month of pregnancy of walk and food do not differ from the usual schedule.
In the second month are entered mineral additives with the increased content of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins into food. If the dog does not want to walk long, you should not insist.
One week prior to estimated childbirth contact the veterinarian to be defined how they will take place: naturally or by means of Cesarean section. It depends on a set of the reasons, including on the structure of pelvic bones boughs, features of patrimonial activity, etc.
Signs of the coming childbirth:
  • fall of temperature up to 37 degrees
  • concern
  • frequent and superficial breath
  • fever
  • attempts to dig.

Rhoda of the English bulldog

that the English bulldog at childbirth can have difficulties. They are connected with the big heads of puppies and a narrow basin of future mother because of what a bough it is difficult to be delivered therefore often resort to planned Cesarean section.
A calmness is shown that the muscular tone sometimes is not brought to a necessary state.
statistically, only six of ten a bough of the English bulldog are capable to oshchenitsya independently.
leads All this to the fact that only extremely experienced manufacturers can independently deliver, but provided that at boughs they not the first and are well-known all its features. However and in this case it is necessary to show a dog to the veterinarian after the birth of kids.
Surely get support of the experienced manufacturer and veterinarian, familiar with features of the English bulldog if you want to deliver independently!

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