• Mar 11, 2019

the Most unpleasant sounds which are made by dogs are abstruse howl. It is especially terrible to hear how the animal hysterically "sobs" at night. National signs often interpret it extremely negatively, but not always the presentiment of death forces dogs to howl. That it is call of ancestors or a way of communication with the person and other dogs, cynologists can explain.

That Forces Dogs to Howl

of the Reason dog howling

At a pet a lot of need as physiological (food, a dream, a toilet), and "psychological" is had (communication, socialization). If at least one of them is not satisfied, then the dog will compensate shortage by undesirable behavior, for example, vocalization (loud bark and we howl).

can be set Such behavior in a type of a conditioned reflex, and the animal will torment hearing of people around day and night. To prevent it, the owner has to find out the reasons of dog "sobbings".

They can be the following:

Reasons of Sad Dogs

Why the Dog Howls

  1. Communication with relatives . Even at the least doggie in veins wolf blood flows, and wolves communicate with each other with the help howling. If the four-footed pet hears "crying" of other dog (not always distinguishable for a master's ear), then can answer her with the same sounds, than will enter people around into a stupor.
  2. Grief and loneliness . Pets, especially those from them who were spoiled in the childhood hardly bring absence of owners. They feel melancholy and loneliness and out of boredom make abstruse lingering sounds. For the same reasons the dog on a chain howls.
  3. Feeling sick . The sick animal can "cry", complaining to the owner, asking from him sympathy and the help.
  4. Desire of communication . The pet begins to howl if the owner long does not pay attention to him. Thus he calls for a game or asks to stroke.
  5. Hunger . Sometimes happens that the animal owner, hurrying for work, forgets to fill with a forage its bowl. Seeing such injustice, the offended favourite is nervous and howls.
  6. Warning of a trouble . According to eyewitnesses, so dogs can warn about the approaching fire. The scent at them is better, than at people, and they from far away catches a burning smell. Cases when dogs howled before approach of a flood or earthquake are also known. As they feel a trouble, for scientists remains a riddle.
  7. Approach of death . Sometimes the dog begins "to cry" before the death of the owner. Scientists say that she feels the special smell proceeding from dying. But it is impossible to explain why some dogs make such sounds before sudden death of the owner as a result of road accident, falling from height and other incidents.

of Action of the owner

If "crying" of a neighbour's dog disturbs, then it is difficult to do something with it. At most, that it is possible — to learn from the neighbor about her health. But if own doggie howls, first of all the owner should calm down most.

Actually dog howl very seldom foretells death, most often such sounds are made by the started missing, hungry or unwell pet.

In this case it is necessary to act this way:

Action of the Owner of a Dog

  1. To stroke an animal and to talk tenderly to it. As a rule, the favourite calms down after that.
  2. To observe a dog whether she has any violations of health (vomitings, a diarrhea, temperature increase). Perhaps, time to address the veterinarian came.
  3. To buy a doggie of a toy that he did not miss in the absence of the owner.
  4. To train it in the team "voice" and "be silent". It will help to cope with those dogs who love повыть for no reason at all.
  5. If the healthy, well-mannered animal is unclear why howls day and night, his owner should remember national signs and to take care of own health and health of the members of household. Useful will be careful when driving a car and even to postpone important meetings for time.

you Should not be afraid of disturbing sounds which are made by a dog. It is not necessary to shout at it, it is necessary just to calm the pet and to find out the reason howling.

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