• May 31, 2019

As well as the person, at each pet has the character. But there are general moments which are pleasant or not to almost all dogs. It is important to know about them for strengthening of emotional connection with a pet. Cynologists told what most of all irritates a dog in your behavior and how to avoid frequent mistakes of the beginning owner.

What Most of All Irritates a Dog in Your Behaviour

Unintentional flaws

Dog in a Chair

Coercion to communication with strangers — the big mistake undermining confidence to family. Socialization has to take place in puppyish age. Strangers for an adult unsociable dog are potential enemies from foreign pack. Accustom to contacts with them softly and gradually, without excessive pressure.

confuses Illogicality of requirements and irritates. Matter in linearity of thinking and strong relationships of cause and effect which are built by the pet throughout life. If it is impossible, then it is impossible.

But everyday life of the beginning owner are filled the mass of mistakes:

  • today on a sofa it is possible, and tomorrow not;
  • I will give a piece from a table, but another time I will abuse for begging;
  • I will lecture for the gnawed slippers, only if on education there are time and mood.

Dog on a Lead

Frequent odergivaniye on walk do not allow a dog to relax and satisfy the instincts. The exercise turns into bustle along the bored route with the purpose to celebrate need. And to a dog is interesting to smell a bush , to communicate to tribespeople, to play with the owner.

Embraces for people — a way to express sympathy. of the Dog put a paw or even lay down all over on other dog to show superiority. The majority of pets perceives embraces as domination of the person. Someone allows such behavior to one owner, someone easily submits to all people. And only units are really glad to close physical contact.

of Touch to a nose, ears and a tail not simply irritate — they frighten, it is very sensitive places on a body of a dog. When it is necessary, the favourite should suffer toothbrushing and ears. But without need you should not touch a nose and a muzzle and furthermore to pull a dog a tail or ears.

Indirect irritants

Continuous disappearances of the owner oppress. The dog all look shows that it does not like division of pack, it is dangerous. But the dull person leaves on the whole eternity again. Not to injure mentality, needs to accustom the favourite to loneliness gradually and with early age.

It Is a Lot of Dogs

The habit of the owner "to soil" itself with creams, cosmetics and spirits is not pleasant to all dogs. The general smell is important for collective animals, i.e. all members of pack have to smell equally. Besides, sharp chemical aromas irritate a keen sense of smell.

the Closed doors divide the integral territory into parts, doing some of them inaccessible. It frightens, noise in the neighboring room — an occasion to check, whether all as it should be. But the closed door does not give it to make!

not to feed nervousness, is better to allow the favourite to move freely within the apartment.

Communication of members of pack with foreign animals — at all not a reason for jealousy as many people consider. "Newcomer" can do much harm to darling or it is worse — to take that the place of a dog in his pack. Nobody wants to lose positions on a scale of ranks and furthermore to be expelled. Therefore it is better to communicate with foreign dogs together with the pet, without removing him on a background.

Dog Their Owner

Animals are honest and always show the discontent. There are dogs adoring close contacts. There are those who are eager for communication with other animals always and everywhere. Many are not afraid to be alone and are indifferent to familiarity from strangers. The main thing — to watch closely response of a dog. Then the owner will always know that he irritates her.

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