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the First techka at dogs takes Techk unawares not only an animal, but also his owner. In spite of the fact that the owner theoretically knows about approach of puberty of the pet when the techka begins, not at once it is possible to orient. What does the owner of a canine friend need to know? First of all it is necessary to find out when there comes the first techka at a dog. This process quite individual. A lot of things depend on the size of a dog. Techka at that terriers can begin in 6-9 months while the period of a pustovka of larger individuals, for example, of a laika, comes at the age of one and a half years. The number of allocations also differs. At big dogs more plentiful allocations.

What It Is Necessary to Know about a Techka at Dogs
the First techka at dogs takes unawares not only an animal, but also it хозяина

Признаки techka

If your alumna reached certain age, you can guess the beginning techka. Symptoms by which approach of a pustovka is determined:

  • the dog urinates more often;
  • there are bloody allocations from a loop;
  • to a bough interest from dogs increases;
  • the molt can begin;
  • increase in appetite;
  • concern, etc.

When at dogs the first techka begins, their behavior can change very much. Large dogs become aggressive, cease to execute commands of the owner. For example, the first techka at a Labrador is followed by essential disobedience from the pet. Small doggies, on the contrary, become too joyful. They constantly want to move, change a situation.

What It Is Necessary to Know about a Techka at Dogs
If your alumna reached certain age, you can guess the beginning techka

If there came the techka at a dachshund, be ready that you should walk much with it, to run and frolic.

Signs of a techka need to be noticed in time to prevent pregnancy of the alumna. Experts claim that during the first techka it is undesirable to animal to become pregnant as the organism still is completely not ready to incubation of puppies. Therefore walking a canine friend, do not lower from him eyes whatever occurred. Preserve a dog against encroachments of dogs. Itself of a bough during this period is extremely excited and in every possible way involves representatives of an opposite sex (takes aside a tail, accepts a rack). Only the owner can protect the alumna, having prevented undesirable pairing.

How to define a techka at a dog (video)

techka Stages

The pustovka period at dogs is divided into several periods

  1. 1 stage – проэструс (duration of 7-10 days). At this time there is insignificant bleeding from which signs can be noticed in vacation spots of a dog. Very accurate individuals carefully lick themselves therefore it is not necessary to clean after them almost. But if specks of blood bring you discomfort, buy special shorts in pet-shop.
  2. Estrus (duration – about a week). During this period fertilization of a female is possible. Estrus is characterized by allocations of light pink color (or they in general are absent). A bough in every possible way attracts a dog, accepts a convenient rack, its loop strongly bulks up. If you are engaged in cultivation of thoroughbred dogs, after copulation of the alumna with a dog protect it from other dogs.
  3. Metestrus (there are several months). At this time the organism boughs is restored, bloody allocations completely disappear. If it was viscous, then the dog bears puppies. Sometimes at the alumna signs of false pregnancy are shown. It is all about hormone progesterone which is produced in an organism. The alumna can strongly become attached to a soft toy as though caring for the posterity.
  4. Anestrus – the period between techka. This stage takes about 100-150 days. The dog does not admit to herself males at this time, being engaged in restoration of an organism.

What It Is Necessary to Know about a Techka at Dogs

pustovka Duration

Techka duration (or full completion of a sexual cycle) averages from 70 to 130 days. But the "visible" period of a techka lasts 3-4 weeks. Frequency of a techka at dogs can vary depending on many factors. At toy terriers there passes the techka twice a year, and at лаек, living in the north, эструс comes once a year. At the same time at dogs of different breeds puppies are born only in warm season.

What It Is Necessary to Know about a Techka at Dogs
When at dogs the first techka begins figure id="attachment_2434" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-2434", their behavior can change very much

If at your dog the techka more than 2 times a year begins, it is an occasion to address urgently the veterinarian. Perhaps, the alumna has serious hormonal violations. The lack of a pustovka also is a good reason for consultation at the expert. Regardless of that, it was viscous or not, the owner of an animal is obliged to monitor regular approach of a techka. If the pustovka does not begin in time, go with the alumna to the doctor. Besides, the techka can pass almost imperceptibly, even without bloody allocations. It sometimes meets at dogs of small breeds. Then it is necessary to be guided by other signs which accompany a pustovka. If you have questions concerning that how many the techka at dogs specifically of your breed lasts as passes эструс how to define, there occurred fertilization at the alumna or not, you can consult at the experienced veterinarian. The campaign to the doctor will not take a lot of time, but you receive answers to the most burning questions.


at dogs (video)

of Action of the owner

The beginning of a techka at dogs adds efforts to the animal owner. During this period it is necessary to be very attentive that the pustovka passed safely. First, take care of the balanced food for the favourite. Despite possible increase in appetite of a dog, do not overfeed her. Secondly, preserve to a bough against overcooling. Every day walk a canine friend in the fresh air, but refrain from bathing in cold water, long walks on slush and dampness. In this period the dog is excessively subject to diseases of genitals, preserve her against possible inflammations.

Besides, if at a dog came эструс, protect her from participation in exhibitions and festivals, you should not go on mass actions. A bough at this time not only physical activities, but also excessive communication with dogs are contraindicated.

What It Is Necessary to Know about a Techka at Dogs

According to experts, it is necessary to abstain from jumps exactly so much how many there is a techka at a dog.

Care of the pet – a difficult thing. And even if the techka of a canine friend causes a number of difficulties in the owner, it is not necessary to use hormonal medicines for prevention of pregnancy or postponement of a pustovka. Applying medicines, you will do serious harm to health of a dog, significantly having broken a hormonal background. Development of oncological diseases is in certain cases possible.

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