• May 14, 2019

False pregnancy at dogs represents the syndrome caused by changes of a mental and physical background of an animal. Failure of functions of an organism occurs after 4−9 weeks of a techka and lasts for 3−14 weeks. Everything that it is necessary to know about false pregnancy at dogs, the careful owner can find in information reference books.

Everything That It Is Necessary to Know about False Pregnancy at Dogs

of the Reason and main symptoms

the Similar condition of an organism is followed by hormonal changes which are peculiar to pregnant individuals. There is a slowed-down return development of an endocrine gland of an ovary after an ovulation. The yellow body performs the functions for 60−70 days. The syndrome appears because of decrease in progesterone level blood. Experts explain a similar state with reaction of an organism to physiological changes.

The syndrome of false pregnancy at dogs often has ill-defined lines. At reorganization of an organism are observed the following symptoms:

False Pregnancy Signs

  • deterioration in appetite or full refusal of food;
  • sharp set of weight and increase in a stomach;
  • decrease of the activity and uneasy behavior;
  • swelling of nipples and mammary glands;
  • manifestation of care of nonexistent puppies (toys);
  • the organization of the place for future cubs.

Can be observed more expressed signs indicating possible pregnancy. The lactation and reduction of a belly wall concern them.

Treatment of a syndrome

How to Help the Pet at Suspicion on False Pregnancy

Treatment is carried out in case of deterioration in a condition of a pet. At easy symptomatology the syndrome disappears independently in 3 weeks. Physical activities help to get rid of little changes in mentality. In the presence of aggression adjust behavior by means of the expert. The veterinary collar which is put on to a dog a neck helps to stop a lactation. If the desirable result is not achieved, the owner needs to address the doctor-veterinarian .

He will appoint by

the corresponding treatment with use of inhibitors of prolactin. Therapy can be followed by vomiting, deterioration in appetite and a stressful condition of an animal. Cannot castrate a dog during false pregnancy , otherwise the syndrome will remain.

False pregnancy negatively influences mentality and an organism of a dog in general. That the syndrome was not shown, needs to sterilize the alumna . The similar procedure will help to avoid development of serious pathologies of a reproductive system.

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