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is sentry breed of dog. The homeland the town of Kangal in Turkey from where and such name went is considered. The dog resembles a mastiff superficially. The wool shade usually yellowish-brown, and on the head – black, but according to the international standards such "mask" can be absent.

What Represents Turkish Kangat
Turkish kangat is sentry breed of dog.

History of breed

The Turkish breed of dog comes from the town of Kangal which is located in the province Sivas. Scientists consider that there are similar roots with the Turkish name "kanla" - it is the certain tribe. It is not established from where there was such toponym which gave the name to both the city, and the tribe, and breed of dog. There is a probability that the tribe of a kanla is sent away from Turkestan and appeared in Anatoly where formed the settlement under the name Kangal which, by the way, remained still.

So, most likely, the dog is considered even not Turkish. According to such hypothesis, she is from Turkestan. There are also other hypotheses. For example, that this dog has Abyssinian or Babylon roots. However genetically it was not confirmed. That this breed occurred from the Indian dogs who were taken out to Turkey scientists do not consider the version.

Only one is established: kangat – dogs who serve mankind already long centuries . It is very ancient breed. Just people together with the wars, intrigues laid a hand to the history and development of this breed. So now several nationalities at the same time claim that their territory is the homeland for a kangal.

What Represents Turkish Kangat
Kangal – dogs who serve mankind already long centuries.

In most cases kangal is described as shepherd's dogs. Actually it not absolutely exact definition. They are sentry as protect herds from attack of wolves, bears, jackals and other living creatures. Exactly thanks to traits of character of the defender, this breed became one of the most popular. They are often bought if it is necessary to find the defender for family. Besides these dogs perfectly get on with children and other animals that too affected growth of their popularity.

Shepherds tell that if the sheep is lost, and kangat her finds, then within several days it can do without food and carefully protect living creatures. This dog wins against wolves, protecting a flock. If it occurs, then the shepherd cuts the best ram and gives all meat to the defender as an award.

If it is necessary to get only the thoroughbred pet, then experts advise to address only to nurseries which are a part of clubs. They well grow up puppies. But if the manufacturer has not enough experience, then the anatoliysky sheep-dog will grow incorrectly, will not be able to be socialized so it is necessary to correct her character long then.

Experienced manufacturers do not allow to cultivation of dogs with a bad or weak phenotype and also presence of various diseases which are descended. Besides, they always do necessary inoculations. The puppy can be bought at the price from 50 up to 100 thousand rubles.

of Feature of breed kangat (video)

External description and character

The Anatoliysky sheep-dog (this second name of the Turkish kangal) in height can be about 65-78 cm. These standards are adopted on its homeland, however in other countries they can vary within 2 cm (but these standards are well agreed among themselves). And there are no essential differences between males and females. For example, in Great Britain it is considered that in height the withers at dogs have to be about 75-81 m, at females – 71-79 cm, and weight are not considered. In New Zealand it is accepted that for males height has to be 74-81.5 cm weighing 50-63 kg. For females height has to be 71-78.5 cm weighing 41-59 kg. In the USA, according to standards, height of males has to be 76-81 cm and the weight of 50-66 kg, and females - height from 71 to 76 cm and the weight of 41-54 kg.

the Turkish wolfhounds are not such heavy as other mastiffs, that gives them advantages in endurance and speed. They can disperse up to 50 km/h. The underfur can protect a dog from cold winter and hot summer. Wool is external protection against snow and moisture. Thanks to such wool, not bad leaves to control body temperature. Besides wool is also very dense that is considered additional protection against wolf canines. By the way, longer wool is not sign of a krossbriding.

The shade of wool is not considered distinctive feature of this breed. Standards are completely tolerant to a color, but there are some requirements to spots. They are allowed a white or black shade, but as for the first, they can be only on the end of a tail and in a breast. In some organizations existence of white spots on paws is allowed according to standards. As for the shade of wool, it has to be brownish-yellow, wool — short and dense or long and fluffy. On ears there have to be marks of black color, as well as "mask" on a face (the last is not always obligatory).

What Represents Turkish Kangat

Puppies need to be chosen as age of 2 months. It is necessary to study documents of parents of the kid. Should choose a puppy who:

  • tall, is well difficult;
  • with shining eyes;
  • with a wet nose;
  • active, playful;
  • with good appetite.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention surely and to external parameters.

The Anatoliysky sheep-dog differs in unpretentiousness. These dogs are considered as workers. They well serve the person even in severe climatic conditions. Besides behind them such strengthened leaving, as behind other breeds is not required.

Character at a dog independent. If the owner is strong and fair, then the dog will respect and listen to him. You should not punish puppies physically, otherwise they can become embittered. Then and to the person it will be difficult to love a vicious and disobedient dog. During training in standard teams it is necessary to show persistence. Dogs since the childhood have to communicate with other dogs and people quicker to be socialized.

Kangala perfectly get on with children. When he grows up, even allows them to iron himself and to pull a tail. But the child it is necessary to teach to treat with respect the pet, not to hurt him. It is necessary to consider that a dog quite large so during run or games he can accidentally injure the child. That is why the kangala when children already grew up is recommended to get. It is the best of all if the child is about 9-10 years old. Then he will be able to play with a dog on the street, to walk her. Both the child, and a dog will be able to be run and play enough much together.

What Represents Turkish Kangat

Leaving and maintenance

Kangal is quite whimsical dog. It is required to follow certain rules that was to the pet well.

It is recommended to walk a dog about 3-4 times a day, and on time it have to be very long walks. So if an anatoliyets begins to live in the apartment, it will be quite unprofitable as it is necessary to find a lot of time for him. That is why it is the best of all to get such dog if the family lives in the private house.

The Anatoliysky sheep-dog can adapt to various weather conditions on the street. She well transfers both a heat, and a sharp cold snap. But it will be best of all for it to build the open-air cage where there will be a box with warming.

you Should not tie this dog. She very clever so such gesture of the owner can embitter it. It is necessary to allocate a certain territory for a kangal where he will be able freely to run. By the way, the dog will perfectly protect a country house.

Breed of dog kangat fades, as well as other dogs, in spring and autumn time. At this time it is necessary to try to comb out as often as possible the pet to remove an underfur which dies off. In the rest of the time will be also couples of sessions a week enough, but if desired it can be done and is more often.

As for bathing, the dog is not strongly soiled so 2 times a year will enough carry out this procedure. Experts advise to bathe a dog in process of pollution. For bathing it is necessary to buy a brush with a dense bristle and strong iron cloves.

What Represents Turkish Kangat

the Anatoliysky sheep-dog is not choosy in food. Here already to the owner needs to choose suitable option. It is possible to use a dry feed, but it has to be very qualitative and treat a premium class. Surely it is necessary to adhere to those instructions and recommendations which are on packing. It is possible just to cook porridges with fish and meat, to give crude meat and an offal. It is recommended to add fruit and vegetables.

Puppies need to be fed three times in knocks, and the individual weighing 6 kg requires very saturated diet. It has to include the following products: beef, milk, beet or carrots, potatoes, cod-liver and pork oil, grits, bone meal, bread.

The adult kangat is not choosy at all. It is required to feed these individuals twice a day. To use the same products, as for puppies, but their quantity will be increased by 3 times.

Kangala perfectly give in to training. The only thing that needs to be considered — such dogs do not accept noise and shouts. K they need to belong kindly and correctly. For education of a kangal professional skills in treatment of sentry and shepherd's dogs are required. Kangal will never be obedient at once to the person but only over time will apprehend his domination over himself.

Breed of dog Turkish kangat quite large because of what there is a probability of development of a dysplasia in the field of a coxofemoral articulate joint. To prevent it, it is necessary to feed a dog with cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir. It is obligatory to give vitamin and mineral medicines. Adult dogs sometimes have problems with sight. Usually it occurs already closer by an old age.

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Turkish kangat differs in a set of advantages. For example, these dogs are physically very hardy. Also they differ in courage, love people. They have a steady mentality. However it is necessary to consider that dogs have also shortcomings. For example, it will be very difficult to contain in city conditions of such dog. Besides, to support this animal, many financial expenses are required. Besides, it is necessary to consider that there will be difficulties to get a thoroughbred kangal, without telling it about its cost any more. So if desired to get a dog of this breed it is worth thinking and proceeding seriously from the financial opportunities and also to consider living conditions and the number of free time.

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