• Feb 21, 2019

Despite intelligence, pets are subject to danger. Daily dozens of dogs vanish in the large cities. From them not all come back home. Quickly to find the pet, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces. Will help owners of animal 10 steps which should be undertaken if the dog was lost.


Request for the help

The success of search depends on how quickly the owner of an animal will react to current situation. You should not wait for day, hoping that the dog itself will come back home.

Should trying to survey the place where the canine friend is daily walked.

Skilled owners advise everyone half an hour to approach an entrance . If the dog returns, but will not find the owner, he will leave to travel again.

At loss of a dog it is recommended to descend there where it was during the last walk and to call her. you Should not hesitate to ask for help of people around .

can be Helped with search by children. Their distinctive feature — curiosity and observation.

Besides they show keen interest in animals. Adults are not inclined to see the events near them if it is not in their interest. At children it is better to ask not to find the gone animal, and to take an interest whether they saw it today.

Useful tips

By search of an animal it is important to observe patience and tranquility.

Experts make the following useful recommendations which will help to find the lost pet:

Stick Announcements

The Person with the Laptop

  1. Having moved off in searches of an animal, the owner should taking with himself his favourite toy which makes sounds. Having heard them, the dog will come running.
  2. During search the animal will not be superfluous to walk along large highways. Perhaps, the pet was hit by the car. Also it is necessary to look for a dog in the nearest veterinary clinics.
  3. Besides search works it is possible to publish the announcement on social networks. For this purpose it is worth addressing administrators of communities.
  4. the Effective way — to unpack and paste announcements . It is recommended to pay attention to dog platforms.
  5. When the exact place where the dog was gone is known, it is possible to order a video from surveillance cameras. For its receiving it is necessary to designate date and the place of loss of the pet.
  6. It is recommended to write the application to the police and to ask to provide video records if they were ordered.
  7. Separately It is necessary to tell about phone calls with responses to the announcement of sale. It is necessary to be careful not to get on swindlers.
  8. It is desirable to ring round shelters. There, as a rule, take dogs during catching, but there is a probability that animals from the street will get.
  9. Periodically should look through social networks to whom the announcement was submitted. Even if the animal was picked up by the person who is not using the Internet, the dog is daily seen by hundreds of people. They can help with search.
  10. If the announcement is submitted on Avito, it is necessary to look through not only the section "Search of Animals", but also the subsection "Sales" (perhaps, someone found a dog and decided to resell it).

When the pet was, it is necessary to examine it to check whether it has fractures or burns.

If the pet is found, reposts it is necessary to remove and notify acquaintances on his search that the dog came back home.

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