• Jun 23, 2017


Participation in exhibitions — not such simple business as can seem to the ignorant person. From a dog not only the ability to leave in a ring and not to eat the expert and competitors, but also ability to be at the best is required. What the exhibition dog has to be able to do?

What is required from you a dog at an exhibition?

If you are going to bring the pet in an exhibition ring, you need to know what there expects you.
  1. Choose the handler. This is the person capable to show a dog to the best advantage. You or the professional, the veteran of "exhibition battles" can be the handler.
  2. Hendler shows presence at a dog of all teeth and a bite.
  3. Hendler with a dog keep at a trot on the course (in group and one by one).
  4. Hendler with a dog trot on a straight line (from the expert and to him).
  5. the Dog rises in an eksteryerny rack and keeps immovability within about 1.5 minutes while the expert feels it and estimates appearance.

As everything passes at an exhibition and what it is necessary for?

For survey of teeth the handler puts a dog, lifts (does not lift up!) her head also raises lips, baring foreteeth and gums. Then side teeth on both sides that the expert could count them are shown. Sometimes experts prefer to move apart lips of a dog so your pet has to treat rather calmly similar encroachments from the stranger.
At the movement a dog has to run near the handler, without trying to play with competitors or people, to jump or bark. An optimum distance between dogs — about one case.


alone the dog shows to
At movement in a circle a manner to bear the head, top fortress, step width, coherence of the movement of extremities, freedom of movement, a manner to bear a tail.
the Movement in a straight line from the expert and back allows to estimate arrangement of extremities (front and back) concerning an axis of the case of your canine friend as far as they are parallel and widely put.
during a rack and palpation is estimated, including, mentality of a dog. If she jumps aside from the expert, does not allow to approach or touch to herself, or, on the contrary, shows aggression, it should not be allowed to cultivation and therefore has no right to count on an appreciation.
Also during palpation the expert estimates
, a back, how strong at your pet, in what it standards what condition of wool.
during a rack a dog has to be motionless and behave surely. The judge's task — to describe it and to solve what mark to give.
Preparation for an exhibition is very important, it is even possible to tell, plays a crucial role in success of an action. Often more "eksteryerny" dog who is insufficiently prepared loses to the relative not so "pedigree" externally who proved from the best side.
how to prepare a dog for a ring, read in our following articles.


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