• May 21, 2019

Beauty contests are held also for pets. In America beauty contests were won by an affenpinscher. The unusual dog by nickname Banana Joe gained recognition of jury and won an unanimous victory. The competition took place in New York at the international Westminster Kennel Club exhibition.

The Affenpinscher Won a Beauty Contest in America

Affenpinschers are considered as the most ancient breed. The image of these animals can be found on Albrecht Duerer's engravings.

Despite small growth (30 cm in withers), such doggies differ:

  • endurance;
  • ingenuity;
  • independence;
  • keenness.

At Banana Joe non-standard appearance : the muzzle reminds monkey, and the body is covered with long black wool. It was accurately cut by the professional groomer.

The Winner of a Beauty Contest among Dogs

At first selection took place on pedigree groups then winners came through to the semifinal. In total there were about 2.7 thousand participants and 190 breeds. Therefore the competition took place in an intense situation.

Banana Joe became the favourite at once: the audience welcomed it shouts and an applause. In the final selected seven participants. Together with an affenpinscher the bobtail, a fox terrier, the Portuguese diver, a pointner, a bichon a frieze and a lap dog competed.

The Affenpinscher Won a Beauty Contest

the Show was broadcast on USA channel and about three hours lasted. In a competition not only the appearance of a dog, but also her behavior, ability to execute different commands and tricks is estimated. Banana Joe could execute everything that was required perfectly.

The second place remained for a bobtail by nickname to Bugab. Its unusual appearance was also highly appreciated by jury .

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