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Character of the Bern sennenhund

the Bern sennenhund – the born shepherd. These dogs very hard transfer when family members disperse in different directions, and seek to bring together all "in herd" to continue to control (mouths).
Bern Sennenhunds of a Photo
On a photo: Bern sennenhunds
the Bern sennenhund does not show aggression without the reason. At benevolent attention of strangers these dogs usually behave friendly. If feel the danger proceeding from the stranger, then without hesitation will rise in defense of family.
of Observation of the manufacturer: They protect the territory (the house, the apartment) on a basic instinct, but often it is just bark which lets know to the stranger that the territory as protection. Dogs of this breed the first do not attack and are not spoiling for a fight. Aggression wakes up only when they feel that they or their family is in danger.
If the Bern sennenhund since the childhood to acquaint
with other animals, he will treat them absolutely calmly. These dogs perfectly get on with other pets in family.
the Bern sennenhund adores
of Children of any age. If in family there is a child, the dog becomes his best friend and the nurse.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: In my opinion, the Bern sennenhund is the best breed for family with children of any age. But the child needs to explain that the puppy cannot be taken on hands (to avoid injuries if the puppy is turned out), it is impossible to pull a canine friend a tail, paws, ears .
As a rule, the Bern sennenhunds behave rather surely. If the dog is completely socialized, then problems with fear of sharp sounds, suspicious objects, etc. do not meet.
But happen cases when the dog in some situation is frightened an unexpected loud sound and further with care treats similar situations. The behavior of the owner in such situation has to be quiet. Do not show the behavior at all that it is necessary to be afraid (do not feel sorry for a dog, do not encourage thus her fear).
the Bern sennenhund with ease adapts to a way of life of family in which he lives. If the family leads active lifestyle, then the dog with great pleasure to join. If the family adheres to a quiet rhythm, then and the dog will quietly behave.
the Bern sennenhund is a family dog. It needs regular contact with the owner. Adult dogs easily stay at home some that it is difficult to tell about a puppy. The puppy who remained Home Alone always tries to find entertainment for himself. So, will become interested in your things, footwear, wires, etc.
Puppies of the Bern Sennenhund of a Photo
On a photo: puppies of the Bern sennenhund
the Bern sennenhund in vain does not bark. And if you do not want that the pet barked, it is easy to train him in it at any age.

Education and training of the Bern sennenhund

the Bern sennenhund easily studies. It is possible to tell that it is universal dogs: they can work as security guards, nurses, etc.
If a puppy of the Bern sennenhund grows in conditions of the city, there are no problems in behavior. If the puppy grows in the country, socialization is desirable, but a lot of things it is curled from character of the puppy.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: While the puppy cannot go outside socialization means visits of guests, loudly turned on TV or music. After 3 months exits to the city begin. Every day visit more and more populous places and you go by different types of transport.
at puppyish age I consider necessary
As for motivation, a toy as they distract from damage of things in the house. Further the relation to toys depends only on character of a dog.
All types of delicacies they perceive
with a bang. To eat is the hobby.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: Training at the cynologist is desirable, as well as for other breeds. With suky can achieve the Bern sennenhund of household obedience and the owner as it more family and devoted, and as for a dog, I always advise to take a full course of obedience with the expert.
the Bern sennenhunds always with pleasure study new. In the course of training in any team for them the main thing that the owner pays them attention, as a result the dog is ready to make anything. The main thing that the owner was satisfied with the done work.
Bern Sennenhund of a Photo
On a photo: Bern sennenhund

Feeding of the Bern sennenhund

the Bern sennenhunds do not complain of appetite and is made are omnivorous. At the same time they are very inclined to completeness therefore they need to be limited in food and not to give in on begging. Sense of proportion at them is absent.
the Bern sennenhunds can also select a garbage on the street, it is necessary to watch it.
Bern Sennenhund of a Photo
On a photo: Bern sennenhund

Care of the Bern sennenhund

At room contents the Bern sennenhund has no specific smell.
Care of hair of the Bern sennenhund is not difficult. The dog needs to be combed once a week, and at a molt – it is desirable every other day.
the Moult at the Bern sennenhund occurs about 2 times a year at a bough and is much more rare at dogs.
is desirable to Bathe the Bern sennenhund once a month.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: For bad weather it is better to get overalls. So you will save first of all yourself from excess dirt of the house and protect leather and wool of the favourite.
At the correct leaving the Bern sennenhunds well transfer a heat, but love winter more.
of the Bern sennenhund can accustom to 2khrazovomu to walking. But when the puppy begins to go outside, the more often he will walk (approximately each 2 – 3 hours), the quicker will begin to understand that it is impossible to celebrate need of the house.
The Bern Sennenhund with a Puppy of a Photo
On a photo: adult Bern sennenhund and puppy

What owner is necessary to the Bern sennenhund?

Future owner first of all has to love animals in principle. Also it has to be ready to responsibility which is conferred on it upon purchase of a puppy. The puppy needs to give enough time and to have stable earnings. A dog, including the Bern sennenhund – pleasure not from cheap.
Puppy of the Bern Sennenhund of a Photo
On a photo: puppy of the Bern sennenhund
of the Photo from personal archive of Alesya Klemantovich

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