• Apr 8, 2019

Spring — time of activity of the ticks carrying dangerous diseases. Insects often stick into skin of the dogs adoring frolicing in a grass. To prevent serious consequences to which can lead infection of the favourite with a piroplasmosis, a disease Lyme and other infections experts recommend to use 5 best medicines for protection of a dog against ticks.


Rating of protective equipment

The medicines which are frightening off blood-sicking insects work from 1 week to 3 months after drawing. are considered as the Most effective the following means:



  1. Frontlayn Kombo. Drops are applied on area of withers and a back. After that wool of the pet should not be wetted within two days. Action remains within 3−4 weeks.
  2. of Advantiks . Promotes death of already stuck ticks in 12 hours after drawing on withers and interferes with repeated infection. Drops have moderate toxicity therefore they cannot be used if the animal is ill or his age does not exceed 7 weeks.
  3. of Bolfo . Is issued in the form of spray with which it is necessary to spray a dog, keeping a cylinder at arm's length of 30 cm from wool. The procedure is carried out on the street. Not to allow a medicine slizyvaniye, the muzzle of the favourite needs to be tied up for 20 minutes. It is also possible to muzzle on the pet.
  4. Bravekto's are the tablets beginning to work in 4 hours after ingestion. Pincers perish within 12 hours, protection against suction of insects remains up to 3 months. Medicine is not used for doggies with body weight less than 2 kg.
  5. of Hartz Ultra Guard are waterproof drops which begin to work in 2−3 days after drawing. Need for repeated application arises in 30 days.

It is necessary to consider that processing of pregnant dogs is made only after consultation of the veterinarian.

At the correct use antitick-borne medicines do not do harm to an animal.

Such means prevent suction of the insects who are carriers of viruses.

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