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in Belgium and concerns small Belgian dogs. She is also called the Brabant griffon. It is a small decorative doggie, very tender and friendly, fast, dexterous, mobile, easily giving in to training and studying various tricks. Small Belgian dogs are subdivided into 3 breeds which differ only with type and coloring of wool: Belgian, Bruxelles and griffon of a pta брабансон. At the Belgian griffon black, rigid as a wire, wool of average length, at Bruxelles – the same wool, but red color, and is allowed a black mask on a muzzle. And breed of a pta брабансон sleek-haired, resembling pugs on structure and a type of short wool of both red, and black color.

Brabant Griffon of a Pta Brabanson
the pta Breed of dog брабансон is removed in Belgium and belongs to small Belgian собакам.

История breeds

The breed брабансон, known also as a sleek-haired griffon, a brevier брабансон, the Brabant griffon, or small брабансон, appeared for the first time in the 19th century in Belgium and is breed of purely Belgian origin. There is an assumption that all griffons conduct the family tree from affenpinschers to whom they are very similar, and the dog of a pta брабансон probably has impurity of blood of pugs.

This species of a griffon was removed for fight against rodents whom at that time there was a set both in palaces of grandees, and in houses of ordinary citizens. Dogs perfectly coped with the mission assigned to them as they were small by the sizes and fast that helped them to catch up with house wreckers quickly. The dog was trained to grab rats a back.

Besides this purpose, the small brabanson was charged with the protection of royal crews, however the cheerful nature and decorative characteristics quickly made it popular in quality of the partner and friend of court ladies which appreciated their easy temper. The good health and steady character completely transferred it over time to this quality.

Brabant Griffon of a Pta Brabanson
This species of a griffon removed for fight with грызунами.

Внешний a look

Brabanson is a dog of almost square format with the strong compact case, strong, but at the same time elegant, weighing from 3.8 to 6 kg which height in withers is from 8 to 19 cm. The head is a remarkable part of breed as she is quite great in comparison with a body in general.

Length of direct and brilliant wool does not exceed 2 cm, and the small beard peculiar to the Bruxelles and Belgian types, on a muzzle of a brabanson is absent. Thanks to a tiny snub nose, the dog has very self-confident appearance and at the same time looks very funny. Colouring of wool can be black, red and even mixed : black, red and brown color at the same time. Can have a dark mask which at old dogs turns gray or becomes gray color. Stop to some dogs in Europe ears, however in the territory of Russia similar processing of griffons does not practice.

of Feature of breed of a pta брабансон (video)

Character and psychology

Peculiar the dog of breed of a pta брабансон can describe character thus:

  1. High opinion on. Brabanson is considered the intellectual of the dog world, and it is written at it on a muzzle. His self-respect is indisputable. It is shown in all its shape, in gait and in a look.
  2. Playfulness. the Dog very much loves and appreciates attention to herself, she adores children and is capable to play with them infinitely long. Many people owning a griffin consider that their pets have reason of the child of approximately three-year age, and remain young till an extreme old age.
  3. Steadiness, lack of aggression. These animals quickly come into contact with all family members and their pets, they will not rush without cause on passersby or to oblaivat other dogs.
  4. Affection for the owner. It is so strong that the griffon hardly will be able to endure even short-term separation from darling therefore it is better to take it in trips with itself.
  5. Existence of sense of humour. Being an intellectual, брабансон never takes offense at jokes and draws, on the contrary, it kind of supports them, making an impression of the conscious participation in a comical situation. The dog not only remembers many words from a lexicon of the person, but also understands their value.

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Leaving and feeding

Care of representatives of this breed is simple and consists in daily comb-out by a brush and walks which are necessary to it for maintenance of strong physical shape and good health. Besides, it should give an opportunity of communication with other dogs that is of great importance for griffons. But if there is an urgent need, for example, there will come strong cold weather, or the disease will knock down the owner, him without any problems it is easily possible to accustom to go to a cat's tray.

Wash the kid not more often than 1 time a month with special dogs shampoos then it is possible to dry wool the hair dryer. In the winter he should not be bathed. It is better to walk a doggie on a breast-band.

In the choice of food animals are rather choosy and eat only what is pleasant to them. Therefore in the beginning it is necessary to experiment with several options of a diet and to choose what will be to the taste to the pet. the Balanced quality dry feed can become a basis of a diet of a brabanson . The veterinarian or the manufacturer who grew up a puppy will be able to make the best recommendations about food.

Brabant Griffon of a Pta Brabanson

Health and puppies

Puppies of a pta of a brabanson receive immunity with mother's milk. The breed differs in good health which at due leaving only becomes better. But if it is wrong to look after puppies, not to take preventive measures for prevention of diseases or to allow contact with already patient a dog, griffons can get sick too. Problems can arise in the most weak spots which for them eyes and a respiratory system are. In the summer of a dog can overheat under strong sunshine. begin to carry out Preventive inoculations from 2 months, > and it is better for strong to use the complex vaccination capable to protect puppies at once from several types of diseases. Before vaccination it is necessary to proglistogonit surely a dog, otherwise the organism can give unpredictable reaction.

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Besides infections, this breed, as well as many others small breeds dogs, has difficulties at childbirth. Puppies of a pta of a brabanson are born by Cesarean section therefore it will be necessary to think in advance of veterinary clinic and to find the suitable doctor who can entrust health of the pet. And in all the rest the Brabant griffon – the loveliest, clever, charming and charming dog, the true friend of the person.

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