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In the beginning I took care of the Caucasian sheep-dogs, but since I had the first dog of breed the Central Asian sheep-dog about any other breed even of a thought does not arise. In many respects I was helped by books and Elena Nikolaevna Mychko's forum – the recognized expert and the expert and also the owner of breeding nursery of SAO.

Central Asian Sheep-dog of a Photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

For what the Central Asian sheep-dogs were brought? In what their purpose?

This breed specially was not removed, so-called "national selection" to it is already more than 40 centuries. In the homeland "Asians" live almost in itself. Shepherds, a big flock of sheep and their eternal enemy – a wolf. The Central Asian sheep-dogs kind of coexist near the person on mutually advantageous conditions, dogs protect a flock from wolves and other uninvited guests, and the person, in turn, feeds up them. Often Asians eat also a pasture, catch lizards and monitor lizards.

The Asian has to work, as well as any other breed, it is necessary to bring up, teach him to necessary skills, a certain behavior model. If not to be engaged in the Asian or, what is even worse, to poison him on dogs or people – consequences are predictable and are always very sad.

Central Asian Sheep-dog Photo Grin

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

What character at the Central Asian sheep-dog?

The Central Asian sheep-dogs, generally – self-assured, very balanced and even a little phlegmatic dogs. When at us in the apartment there lived the Central Asian sheep-dog, it it was not visible and is not heard – lies to herself in a corner near an entrance door, the entrance to the house under protection and is reliably protected. A dog it is not visible and it is not heard. Only occasionally, when on a staircase there is someone others, silent deaf growl is heard. And Asians, as a rule, do not react to the neighbors living nearby at all.

of Observation of the manufacturer: You will not call the Central Asian sheep-dog neither timid, nor desperately brave. They just perform the work assigned to them. "Asians" are capable both to come and to be protected. And the external calmness is very deceptive – if necessary these dogs move immediately, striking the opponent quicker, than he manages to understand how it happened, at the same time "Asians" almost always warn about the intentions, terrible growl in the majority cases happens enough that the enemy stopped undesirable actions and was removed. Will not pursue it. But during attack on the owner or family members (for a dog – pack) "Asians" rush to fight without any prevention. Huge pluses of the Central Asian sheep-dogs – very high intelligence, powerful natural immunity and very high pain threshold.

By the way, at us in the yard only of one bough because if to hold two and more, then as divide them, sooner or later they can be linked, and it is quite possible that to death. Here it in operation, force of instincts! Make room for future posterity and at the same time deal shortly with the competitor.

Though there are also exceptions – for example, mother with the daughter can quite live together to themselves quietly, but it exactly an exception, and family relations do not guarantee peaceful life of dogs at all. Dogs will find out who is more main if one of them gives up or recognizes at once advantage of another, showdowns can not be. Dogs, unlike a bough, at a showdown with relatives never seek to put to the opponent of serious damages.

Central Asian Sheep-dogs of a Photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dogs

In general, the attitude towards other dogs depends on socialization and education of the Central Asian sheep-dog. If she is socialized and brought correctly up, then will perceive absolutely quietly strangers and also dogs and other animals out of the territory. But if someone shows aggression, "Asian" will not suffer and right there will explain that to him it is better not to be lifted up.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Aggression is inherent in all Central Asian sheep-dogs, as well as many other office and sentry breeds. The most important, of course, depends on the owner of a dog. He has to create correctly aggression manifestation when it is possible when it is not necessary and in what cases – categorically it is impossible as, for example, aggression on children. Not under what circumstances the "correct" Asian should not show aggression on the child.

Of course, they allow our child anything, in the worst case when absolutely already them tortures dithat, the dog can is quietly unmalicious to roar and go to itself to the box. At the same time the BOX – a taboo for children! Owners of dogs have to bring up not only dogs, but also the children, once again I will emphasize, for children the doghouse – the TABOO!!! This only place where the Asian is sure that nobody will "get" him.

The Central Asian Sheep-dog in Family of a Photo

On a photo: the Central Asian sheep-dog in family

Many ask in what a difference between the Caucasian and Central Asian sheep-dogs. The Caucasian sheep-dogs a little more aggressive, but there is no big difference in their behavior.

All our dogs successfully and with pleasure perform functions not only of the watchman, but also the partner security guard, accompany us on rather long trips on different types of transport and perfectly behave at a big congestion of strangers.

The most important is an education. In order that the Central Asian sheep-dog was comfortable for coexistence, she needs to be trained.

Central Asian Sheep-dog of a Photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

the Central Asian sheep-dogs How easily study?

The Central Asian sheep-dogs study instantly. Though cynologists who got used to work with German shepherds, are convinced that it is impossible to work with "Asians". The matter is that the Central Asian sheep-dogs always think before to make something.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: Many ask the question "when it is necessary to begin to train the Central Asian sheep-dog?" it is necessary to begin at once as soon as the dog to you gets – though in 3 weeks. At the same time so-called "withdrawal pains" of "Asian" can cost very much to you!

All our dogs underwent serious training since monthly age, and in 4 months carried out standards of OKD.

Central Asian Sheep-dogs of a Photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dogs

How to look after the Central Asian sheep-dogs?

Care of the Central Asian sheep-dog minimum.

The molt at our dogs seasonal, but if the Central Asian sheep-dog lives in the apartment, fades it constantly.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Wool at them very interesting – self-cleaning. Even if the Central Asian sheep-dog will be soiled strongly, in 1 – 2 hour she clean again.

The Central Asian sheep-dogs transfer both a heat, and cold well.

Central Asian Sheep-dog of a Photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

On the site our dogs go to a toilet in a certain place. And we taught them to celebrate if necessary need on command.

How Central Asian sheep-dogs healthy dogs?

The Central Asian sheep-dogs have no problems with health.

Average life expectancy of the Central Asian sheep-dogs – 14 – 15 years.

Central Asian Sheep-dog of a Photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

What owner is necessary to the Central Asian sheep-dog?

First of all, the Central Asian sheep-dog cannot be taken as the first dog. If desire is insuperable, once the bough chooses, at the same time it is very desirable to have an opportunity to address the experienced cynologist who is engaged in "Asians" and it in similar breeds. But it is better to take nevertheless such dog to the skilled, knowing person with strong character and consecutive in the actions.

It is possible to take also adult "Asian" if the new owner knows how to treat this dog. But it is not recommended to do all this, it is better to take a puppy.

Central Asian Sheep-dog of a Photo On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

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