• Jan 24, 2019

Experts claim that emergence in the house of the pet well influences development of the child. But it is desirable to buy a dog for children 5 years as at earlier age kids have no understanding that the dog is a living being are more senior and it is necessary to behave with her podobayushche. For those parents who decided to buy a pet for the child it is worth getting acquainted with breeds of dog, different age, suitable for children.

Breeds of dog suitable for children: short description of appearance and character

Small dogs

Breeds of dog suitable for children: small dogs

In spite of the fact that the majority of the dogs belonging with small to decorative breeds hardly get on with children, among them there are dogs which with pleasure spend time with kids and do not show in relation to them aggression.

Little pets tolerantly treat childish pranks and do not show aggression in relation to them. If the kid bothers an animal, then he will hide to the secluded place rather, than will bite or will bark at it. Besides small dogs live longer than large pedigree dogs and differ in rather good health.

Small pedigree dogs perfectly will be suitable for contents in small-sized apartments. But parents need to teach the kid to treat the tiny four-footed favourite that he accidentally did not injure the pet during the games.

Breeds of dog suitable for children: Welsh Corgi

of the Welsh Corgi

The dog of breed of a Welsh Corgi will become an ideal pet for the child. This dog with short pads and a fox muzzle weighs no more than 15 kg and possesses short silky wool. Representatives of this breed very much love kids and with pleasure spend time with them. They are excellent nurses for small children and loyal friends for teenagers.

Charming pets have the following traits of character:

  • skill to communicate;
  • inquisitiveness;
  • goodwill;
  • patience.

Welsh Corgis are unpretentious in leaving and are clean. Besides they are rather mobile that will allow the child not only to communicate with the pet, but also in addition to receive physical activity during the active games with a dog.

Bichon frieze

Breeds of dog suitable for children: Bichon frieze

Dogs of breed a bichon a frieze were brought in France. They are also called the French lap dogs. The doggie of the small size treats decorative breeds. It differs in the dense, curly, snow-white wool which is not demanding careful leaving.

At representatives of this breed skin is not shelled and for this reason pets do not cause allergic reaction in people. Parents can safely present the French lap dog to the kid allergic person , without being afraid that communication with an animal will lead to deterioration in his health.

Tiny dogs of this breed are very playful, inquisitive and bright. They with ease give in to training and adore communicating with children. The bichon a frieze forgives to kids any pranks and do not show aggression in relation to them.

Large breeds

Breeds of dog suitable for children: large breeds

Practically all large and average breeds of dogs - partners are suitable for contents in families with children of any age. But some of them are most friendly and sociable. At the same time behind them it is also required to look after and bring up from early age. But these simple tasks it can do will cope to the teenager.

Large dogs it is desirable to get in the house where children already reached 10-year age. The teenager will be able not only to play with a pet, but also will independently walk him, to play with it in the fresh air and to be engaged in training. Besides parents cannot worry for children as large dogs are not only loyal friends, but also defenders for the little owners.

Labrador retriever

Labradors retrievers were brought in Canada , and initially used them as hunting dogs. But later representatives of this breed became rescuers, guides and faithful partners.

At Labradors short wool which does not demand special leaving therefore teenagers will be able independently to bathe and comb out the four-footed favourite. Representatives of this breed also differ:

  • hyperactivity;
  • insight;
  • goodwill;
  • cheerfulness.

Breeds of dog suitable for children: Irish setter

Dogs adore caress, attention and are at any time ready to active games with the little owner. They well give in to training and process of training to give to the teenager only pleasure.

Irish setter

 Appearance, features of character of such animals

The Irish setter is not only the excellent hunter, but also the quite good partner. This large dog with dark brown brilliant wool and long, powerful extremities looks rather compactly.

Long indumentum of the pet demands permanent care, but holding this procedure can be entrusted the teenager. Also long walks during which he can play and run in the company with the little owner are required for a hunting dog. The Irish setter will preserve the teenager and will become for it the devoted friend.

Small dogs with non-conflicting character are suitable for kids at the age of 5−7 years. The large pet the child is younger than 10 years hardly will be able to hold on a lead and to look after independently him. But children of advanced age can get a dog more.

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