• Mar 15, 2019

For protection of the apartment or the private house are suitable not all dogs therefore to receive an ideal sentry dog, the owner should study first of all the breeds intended for this purpose not at all there is a guard instinct. Therefore 7 advice at the choice of a puppy for protection will help to make it correctly.

The Choice of a Puppy for Protection

Security dogs significantly differ from sentry dogs. They not only warn about danger, but also in case of threat attack the stranger. of the Recommendation about the choice of a dog, intended for protection:

Kan Corso or Dobermann Terrier.

Girls Are More Attached to the Owners

Comfortable Conditions for Keeping of a Dog.

  1. For the apartment the boxer, Cana corso, the Rottweiler or a Dobermann terrier will be optimal variants . These breeds have high intelligence, well get on with pets and are loyal to children. Therefore will protect not only family members, but also living some other pets.
  2. For the private house choose the dog capable to protect the adjacent territory. For this purpose German shepherds, Caucasians, the Russian black terriers, alaba, Moscow sentry are ideal for . It is not necessary to hold such dog on a chain, otherwise, because of impossibility of free movement, the animal will not be able to carry out the fundamental obligations.
  3. It is not necessary to choose combative, hunting, etching, saving, sports, riding and decorative breeds for protection.
  4. Girls are more attached to the owners, give in to training easier and at the correct education can struggle with basic instincts (techka) whereas dogs can give in to hormonal failure and simply run away from the house.
  5. If the dog lives in conditions of the yard, should not choose a short-haired puppy . Even in the presence of the warm box he will freeze in the winter.
  6. The puppy is bought only in nursery, from the checked, well proved manufacturers. But in any way not in poultry market and not in a shelter . Such dogs will approach only for a role of the watchman, but not the security guard in any way.
  7. Before purchase it is recommended to decide precisely on breed and to think of creation of comfortable conditions for keeping of a dog. Or it is better to carry out the alarm system to the house.

the Puppy has to complete surely the general and specialized course of training.

If the owner is not able to be engaged in education of a dog, it is necessary to address the experienced cynologist.

Otherwise without due preparation the dog can become uncontrollable and dangerous even for the owner.

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